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Women with Wheels

When you think of fast cars, turbocharged engines and ‘dragging-off’ other vehicles at the lights, you generally associate these things with men.  However, we recently discovered that women are every bit as passionate about their cars as their male counterparts.


Porsche Centre Brighton (in Melbourne) recently hosted its first ‘Ladies Drive the Range’ day and invited some of its valued female customers and their friends to take part in this special event – womanwithdrive was also fortunate enough to be invited.


The purpose of a drive the range event is to try on as many Porsche vehicles as possible over the course of the day. Our convoy of cars for the day included various 911 Carrera models (convertible amongst them!), Cayman, Boxster, Panamera and Cayenne. There was a mad rush to the 911s – the faster the better we soon learnt.


Our day consisted of a scenic drive to Portsea, strategically stopping along the way to swap cars and take photos.  Our final destination was the Portsea Hotel, where we had a beautiful lunch overlooking the bay – the women shared stories about their cars, networking over a glass of wine and indulging in some delicious macarons.


Naturally, womanwithdrive asked the attendees the most important question – what is so special about your Porsche?


My Porsche is largely special because both Henry and I love to be in it, either driving with the roof down or just sitting in the garage. I always look forward to driving: whether it’s simply going to the supermarket or taking a long drive to the country – and I always get out smiling even when I’m in grid lock.  My Porsche quite simply has the ability to make me feel glad to be alive.” – Adrienne Satori


Adrienne is the managing director and founder of Interfinanz – a strategic currency advice and hedging company. Her significant other is Henry, a Cocker Spaniel aged 16.


“Any day that starts off with a Porsche in the driveway is a great day!  I also think they have the most soul of any car – they’ll happily do the daily commute, but give them the hint of a race and they’re in a happy place.  Whenever I park my Porsche, I always have one last look at it as I walk off – it’s like a tractor beam.  Basically, a Mercedes is like a business suit, my Porsche is like a little black dress.” – Annette Joseph


Annette is a national product manager for one of Australia’s largest privately owned healthcare companies.


“The elegant design, quality of craftsmanship and knowing you have tremendous performance, if needed.” – Michele Walker


Michele is the mother of two fabulous girls, wife, business owner, investor and advocate for local children’s charities.


My first Porsche experience was as a passenger in a 911, circa 1999 and remembering the thrill when the we cut through three lanes of traffic and the rumble of that engine, I made a life changing decision that I must own one of these unbelievable cars!  Two Boxsters and two 911s later, I still have a smile on my face, every time I get into my 911. I get the greatest thrill driving around, hugging every corner and accelerating. The experience is truly exhilarating, driving one of the most amazing sporting cars ever made! Everyone really should try it at least once in their life!” – Dora Kambouris


Dora is a real estate agent in the Bayside area in Melbourne (everyone knows when she is visiting their street, she doesn’t need business cards as she is known as the agent with the Porsche).


“Every time I get in the 911 it feels special, that feeling has never gone away!” – Jacqueline Taylor


Jacqueline has a background in nursing, which has given her the life skills to do anything she chooses and which she continues to take full advantage of by embracing all opportunities.


I drive my Cayenne on a daily basis and enjoy every minute I spend in it!  My Carrera S Cabriolet is also very special and great fun to drive.” – Senalie Goonewardena


Senalie is an emergency room doctor and loves her cars.

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