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Women, Porsche, and the Police Force

The New South Wales police force are leaders in their industry, with exciting new partnerships targeted to support women and the youth.


In 2011, Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn launched the Women in Policing Strategic Plan – a three-year plan to support the 27% of women in the police force at all levels and increase their representation.


The Strategic Plan demonstrates corporate commitment towards improving the recruitment, development, retention and promotion of women in the New South Wales Police Force, and is a leading industry initiative.


Porsche has been a proud partner of the New South Wales Police Force since 2012, and shares the same values of recognizing and supporting women in its industry.


Last month, Sydney Police traded in their Porsche Panamera for a 911 Carrera.   The new police car will cruise the roads of New South Wales as Porsche Cars Australia (PCA) takes its successful community partnership programme with the NSW Police Force into its third year.


The striking blue and white 911 Carrera received its design inspiration from close to 60 competition entries from local and international students throughout NSW University, tertiary campuses and high schools.


The partnership between Porsche and the NSW Police is helping drive the Force’s community engagement activities. Since the partnership began, the Force has used a special customised Porsche to attend more than 300 community events throughout the state, where the fascination of a Porsche in police decals is helping to break the ice especially with youths in disadvantaged areas.


The two-door 911 Carrera is powered by a 257 kW flat-six cylinder engine and can reach the general highway legal speed limit (100 km/h) from standstill in 4.8 seconds. The car is owned and serviced by Porsche Cars Australia with the NSW Police only responsible for fuel.


Although the 911 Carrera might make for a perfect getaway car, its main focus is to drive interest and curiosity with younger Australians in the community.

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