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Women Only

A growing number of luxury hotels are introducing women-only floors, lounges and amenities catering specifically to women. The rapid increase in the number of solo female business travellers has caused hotels to stand up and take notice of women as a new force in business travel. So what can you expect to find from these new hotel services and offers?


For a completely man-free hotel experience, why not stay on a women-only floor?  Singapore’s Naumi Hoel, New York’s Premier Hotel and Vancouver’s Georgian Court Hotel are luxury hotels with specific floors for women.  The women-only floors come fully equipped with hair appliances, magazines and yoga mats in each room.  There are even restaurant tables especially for solo female travellers and women-only networking events.


This growing trend is sweeping around the world but is yet to really take off in Australia.  Hyatt Hotels has targeted female travellers with a number of initiatives aimed at catering to the needs of the discerning woman.


The “Hyatt Has It” service offers essential items you’ve left behind without even having to leave your hotel room.  No matter how much time and effort we put into strategically packing our suitcase, somehow there’s always something left behind.  Makeup wipes, aspirins, a razor, hair straightener or even the phone charger.  We all know what a pain it is having to buy these items – especially when you’re in a foreign country and can’t read what’s on the packaging.


If you’re sick of seeing the same items on the room-service menu every time you travel, the Hyatt again has the perfect solution.  A ‘create your own’ customized menu that caters to every woman’s tastes and requirements.  Whether you’re jet jagged and need rejuvenating or on a special diet, there are plenty of fresh foods, proteins, juices, smoothies and healthy options.  All your dietary desires will be catered for.


For female business travellers that want to make the most of their downtime, but would rather do so with company, is a unique networking site.  The aim is to connect like-minded business women who are travelling so they can meet and socialise during their leisure time.  Whether it’s dinner or a trip to the theatre, the site brings women together on a fun, friendship level rather than a business meeting.  You’ll no longer have to fear the lonely business trip.




Let’s hope more hotels start to implement this type of initiative.  Fingers crossed however that men-only floors do not become a trend; we’re a little dubious of what might happen on those floors.


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