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7 Creative Cake Trends For The Winter Wedding Season

Winter Wedding Cakes

What is there to not love about winter wedding season? The weather is cooler, the light is softer and the colour theme can either match the season’s palette or be reminiscent of summer’s warmth. As far as creative wedding cakes go, the trends that took off at the beginning of the year are in full swing and open to being redefined in this new season.


1. The Chalkboard

Chalkboard Cake
Image credit: Sugablossom Cakes


A relative newbie but possibly the hottest trend in wedding cakes this year. Resembling a blackboard, its dark background is the perfect canvas for written vows and personal messages or hand painted designs in white edible paint. Flowers will give it an eclectic feel while lace will hint at romanticism.

Michelle Maric of Sugablossom Cakes, drew inspiration for this gorgeous creation from real chalkboards used in vintage, rustic and bohemian weddings. “It brings a less traditional and fun element to the cake. Chalkboard cakes can be dressed up with fresh or handmade sugar flowers but are also bold enough to stand on their own.”


2. The Glam

Neon & Gold Cake
Image credit: Sugablossom Cakes


Glam made a comeback last year and has decided to stay. Gold details on one tier add warmth, glamour and richness without being overwhelming, especially when decorated with bright splashes of colour or dark flowers. Or go in the opposite direction by opting for a dark monotone base topped with gold flowers.

Michelle took the first route with this eye-catching neon and gold drizzle cake. “I love pairing a little brightness with metallics and I think that this a nice way of bringing both elements together. The neon drizzle adds colour without being overkill and the addition of the handmade metallic heart toppers are a cute alternative to flowers.”


3. The Underdressed

Image credit: Dot & Roy


Another trend that has become a fast favourite among brides who adore an organic, rustic theme. The sparse butter cream frosting leaves a large surface of the cake exposed which gives it an underdressed look. Pile on winter flowers and fruit to create a lovely, earthy feel. Dot & Roy fashioned this cake in celebration of the raw and imperfect beauty of flowers and fruit.


4. The Metallic

Image credit: Miss Shortcakes


Walk the audacious path with sharp shades of gold, silver and even a steely blue. Thes trend has been a winner for the instantaneous glam it gives to basic cake shapes. There is nothing like being drenched in a beautiful metallic sheen to add the extra to ordinary.

The designer of this steely beauty, Jessica Ting of Miss Shortcakes, said, “I love using lustre dust on cakes as it gives the icing a pearlescent sheen and makes it more luxurious.”


5. The Ombre & Ruffles

Image credit: Miss Shortcakes


On their own, ombre and ruffles already exude the wow factor. But together, they form a powerhouse. Elegant ombres have replicated bridal fashion and hairstyles onto wedding cakes in a range of cool and muted winter tones. Ruffles – whether in a single tier or the full cake – take it further with an old-world, feminine charm.

Jessica described ruffles as time-consuming but worth the effort for the dreaminess it lends to her creations. “On this cake, I have created a fabric-like drape using different shades of grey and then dusting it with petal dust to accentuate the soft lines.”


6. The Watercolour

Image credit: Sotiria McDonald


A choice of romantics all over the world, the watercolour brings a gentle, handmade touch to a wedding cake with its fanciful swirls, delicate hand lettering and creative illustrations. Cake Ink paid tribute to the season with an exquisite wintery white and mint palette on this petite work of art. Is creators, Janelle and Samone, said, “The illustration was based around couple’s wedding day stationery and the flowers were made to match the fresh flowers on the day.”


7. The Classic

Image credit: Erin & Tara


There is beauty in stillness and simplicity, and this is why the classic white will be an evergreen. Even two tiers can be spellbinding when covered with intricate designs. Remember, you do not always have to shout to hold the attention of an entire room. Cake Ink finds itself returning to this timeless beauty on a regular basis.


Which cakes are you swooning over? Tell us in the comments section below.


(Main image credit: Maria Luisa Bucella)

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