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Winning a 911 for the Weekend

Lucky Lisa Sbarrato won the The Cool House womanwithdrive subscription competition – a new Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet for a weekend.  On a fabulous February weekend Lisa took her prize for a spin and had a sensational experience driving along the Great Ocean Road getting as far as the Twelve Apostles.

Glorious weather allowed the roof to be down for most of the time so the sounds of the fabulous 911 engine could be appreciated.  Lisa especially enjoyed the sound of the car cruising along or kicking in with extra grunt on steep climbs.

“It’s the most fun you could ever have in a car,” said Lisa.  “The guys at the Porsche showroom made me feel so special, and briefed me on the amazing features at my fingertips.  The fact I could adjust my seat, then the mirrors, then push a button so ‘my’ settings would be locked in and memorised was sensational. Every time I turned her on, the settings would adjust to me.

“I thought I would be anxious driving such a powerful and expensive car but you feel so safe and in control. The car is solid and just hugs the road. It takes to the bends so well, such a joy to drive and, of course, now I want one.

“I definitely felt the envy from other drivers, and it was fabulous. As hard as it was to give up the car, I’m so glad I got to experience the 911,” said Lisa.

A big thank you to everyone who entered the subscription competition at The Cool Hunter’s Cool House in December. We hope you are enjoying your newsletters and keep an eye out for more competitions and promotions during the year.


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