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Wearable Technology

Wearable tech is the latest technological craze to emerge from our increasing obsession with self-improvement – or perhaps more accurately, self-monitoring, because ladies, it takes two to tango.


Early adopters are already hungrily stocking up on anything with ‘smart’ in the name, from bras to watches, but become quickly jaded when they find that simply wearing a bracelet isn’t changing their life.  Studies have even revealed that few people that self-monitor have made changes to their lifestyle as a result.


The key to making these tools work for you is to combine them with realistic goals and self-motivation. woman with drive has discovered the most popular wearable tech products on the market and just how to use them effectively to reach your goals.


Pebble Watch RRP $99 – $199

The humble designers behind this product describe it as ‘just a watch’. Indeed, it does tell the time, but it also links to your smart phone to give the wearer notifications.  For those who want to read a text message but can’t possibly face the strenuous effort of getting their phone from their bag, this is the perfect watch for you.  But in all seriousness, this is a very useful function for those that want to stay constantly connected, even when they have their arms full with shopping, or scuba diving 50 meters underwater. Due to its basic black and white display it has an impressive 7-hour battery life and also contains standard movement monitors that track exercise and sleep patterns.


Tip: While this device can increase efficiency, don’t allow this level of connectivity to cause tech overload. Set yourself boundaries and designate time to be tech free – no emails in the bathtub!


Jawbone Fitness Tracking Band RRP $79 – $129

Currently one of the most successful offerings on the market, you might be surprised by how many people around you are already wearing one of these.

The unisex bracelet uses movement sensors to monitor sleeping patterns, steps taken and acceleration. This seemingly simple data is then analysed through a beautifully developed app that also includes a diet log to create meaningful information about your day-to-day life and track your progress towards goals. Another clever feature is a vibrating function that can be used as an alarm to gently wake you at the optimum point in your sleep cycle, or remind you to get up and move when you have been sitting at your desk for too long.


Tip: Set a goal, monitor your progress and share it with friends through the app to create a support network.


Google Glass RRP $1800 (currently available only in US and UK)

This bold piece of tech has been creating a buzz since its release in 2013. The optical head-mounted display projects information within your eyesight and uses a swipe pad as well as voice command to interact with apps. The technology uses apps that use the glass’s sensors to do anything from critique your golf swing to translate a menu.  There has been a bit of stigma about the look of the glasses, but the recent range designed by Diane Von Furstenberg is actually quite stylish and if their presence at New York fashion week was anything to go by, we may see them on a Vogue cover soon.


Tip: When they finally arrive in Australia – try to refrain from wearing them 24/7.

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