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Wearable Fitness Technology

Wearable Technology

Honestly now. Was anyone really surprised when fitness professionals predicted that wearable technology would be the number one fitness trend this year? With the hugely popular Fitbit and Jawbone fitness trackers already drawing a line between their fans, it was only a matter of time before wearable fitness technology went from trendsetter to industry leader.

The fitness industry and the technology it spawned has come a long way since 1984 when adidas stuck a micro sensor into one of its shoes to record a runner’s distance, pace and calorie burn. While the clunky and expensive footwear did not quite hit an encouraging sales speed, it no doubt planted the right seeds in the minds of innovators and visionaries.

From sleeker fitness trackers and more intuitive apps to apparel that doubles up as wearable technology, the doors to greater motivation, accountability and education are now wide open to everyone.

woman with drive has rounded up seven of the most innovative wearable technology – apart from the Fitbit and Jawbone – that will inspire you to keep a firmer grip on your health and fitness plans this year.


Sensoria Smart Socks

Sensoria Socks


Technology: Three textile sensors woven into the sole to detect foot pressure


Function: Monitors your cadence and whether your foot is landing on its heel or ball as you run. Also lets you know if you need to take more steps or rethink your form.



Hexoskin Starter Kit



Technology: Base layer tank top with integrated sensors, a Bluetooth recording device and iOS and Android apps


Function: Tracks your sleep, heart rate, variability, breathing rate and volume, and activity (intensity level, steps, pace and calorie burn)





UpRight Pose



Technology: Hypoallergenic adhesive pads with multiple sensors, smart learning algorithm and Bluetooth


Function: Helps improve your posture and depth of breath by vibrating when you slouch







Technology: A discreet clip on with sensors that monitor your breathing


Function: Picks up on your stress levels and sends you notifications and gentle reminders to take mindfulness breaks when you most need it.







Technology: A headband that reads your brain’s signals


Function: Provides accurate, real-time feedback on your brain’s activity while you meditate to help you build a solid meditation practice




Moov Now



Technology: A wristband with a 3D motion sensor


Function: Analyses your form during your workout, coaches you while you exercise, counts reps, monitors heart rate, has a range of scientific guided workouts and encourages you to connect and compete with friends



Main image credit: Jawbone

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