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Warming Winter Cocktails

One of the all-time classic cocktail books is The Savoy Cocktail Book first published by London’s Savoy Hotel in 1930. The book contains wonderful drinks from the ‘high society’ era of supreme gentility and extraordinary fun. What better way to survive the winter than with a warming cocktail. Here we have chosen a few of our very boozy favourites from the book along with the stories that accompany them.


Tom and Jerry

1 Egg

½ portion Jamaica Rum

1 tablespoon powdered sugar

½ portion Brandy

Beat yolk and white of egg separately, then mix the yolk and the white together. Pour in a stem glass or china mug and add the spirits. Then top with boiling water, grating nutmeg on top.


This is a classic winter cocktail invented by the famous bartender Professor Jerry Thomas of New York over 70 years ago. It was one of the most popular cold weather boozy beverages of the era.


S.G. Cockatil

1 teaspoon of Grenadine

1/3 portion Canadian Club Whisky

1/3 portion lemon juice

1/3 portion orange juice

Shake well and strain into a cocktail glass


This cocktail is very popular in the Officer’s Mess of the Scotts Guard, hence its name.


Breakfast Egg Nogg

1 fresh egg

¼ portion Curacao

¾ portion Brandy

¼ portion fresh milk

Shake well and strain into a long tumbler. Grate nutmeg on top.


The Egg Nogg is essentially an American beverage although it has been appreciated throughout the world for many years. In Scotland it’s known as Auld Man’s Milk.


Oriental Cocktail

½ portion Rye Whiskey

¼ portion Italian Vermouth

¼ portion White Curacao

Shake well and strain into a cocktail glass


In August 1924, an American engineer nearly died of fever in the Philippines, and only the extraordinary devotion of a doctor saved his life. As an act of gratitude, the engineer gave the doctor the recipe of this cocktail.


And if you’re feeling adventurous, try to master the Savoy’s famous Blue Blazer.


Blue Blazer

1 wine glass Scotch Whiskey

1 wine glass Boiling Water

Use two large silver plated mugs with handles. Put the whiskey into one mug and the boiling water in the other. Ignite the whiskey with fire, and while blazing mix both ingredients by pouring them four or five times from one to the other. If well done, this will have the appearance of a continued stream of liquid fire.

Sweeten with one teaspoon of powdered white sugar and serve in a small bar tumbler with a piece of lemon rind.


Source: The Savoy Cocktail Book – Pavilion Book Publishers

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