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Risky Business

Animal print, white pants, or even hats seem to send some of us into melt-down mode. We’ve found the best ways to tackle the tough items and ease you into a new wardrobe.


1.  Animal Print


When it comes to animal print, there’s a fine line between runway smart and just plain tart. Traditional leopard print works best if you keep it simple – less is best. Limit it to one piece to avoid looking too wild! A good entry-point is a statement shoe, a scarf or even bag.  The golden rule is to keep everything else simple – if you wear leopard pants, wear a neutral top. Keep your accessories, hair and make-up simple for understated chic. Purr-fection.


2.  White


White need not be your mortal enemy. It’s doable. Remember, when wearing white, opt for flesh-coloured underwear – leave the lacy coloured numbers at home.  Check the transparency of the garment before buying by holding your hand underneath – there’s nothing worse than indecent exposure.  A white shirt-dress is always a classic look and a great staple for summer.  When it comes to pants, white linen is the perfect choice for summer. White denim works too, and it’s a lot easier to wear than you may think – just be sure to choose a cut that suits your shape. One last tip – beware the white shoe, and proceed with caution.


3.  A Scarf


A scarf is the perfect trans seasonal piece – it’s an effortless accessory that can transform a look. Wear darker tones to keep your look chic and sophisticated or choose a print or pop of colour to freshen up a basic look.  Beware the scarf with too much fabric, as it will just smother your face – stick to a thin knit, silk or cotton.  A simple and classic way to fold a scarf is a French knot – fold the scarf in half, place it around your neck, take the unfolded end and pull through the loop.  Or a simple wrap around neck so the two ends hang in front will add texture to your outfit.


4.  Busty Tops


Wearing a top that is slightly revealing can be rather daunting.  So here are some simple ways to ease you out of turtlenecks and into something with a little more attitude.  For smaller busted women, a sweetheart neckline or a strapless dress look great.  For a bigger bust, don’t be afraid to show some skin, a v-neck is flattering and revealing without being exposing.  A v-neck will suit any shape and size, so start with something simple like a t-shirt and work your way to red-carpet racy.


5.  Hats


A hat should be a staple just like a pair of sunglasses.  Keep one on standby in your car, to avoid those sudden bad hair days. Pulling off the look is simple, as long as you abide by some basic rules.


Choose a hat that compliments your look.  A broader brim will add drama to any look, while a casual cap will play it down with some street-style cool.  This season’s leather cap will add a chic, modern edge to your look. And the ultimate benefit of wearing a hat – you’re protected from the sun!

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