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Victoria Curtis

Australia has a new entrepreneur in the beauty industry.  Embodying all the qualities of a woman with drive – savvy, intelligent, inspiring, confident and discerning, Victoria Curtis is turning her life-long passion into a full-time career.


After completing high school, Victoria graduated with a double degree in Marketing and Accounting at University and was offered a Marketing position with L’Oreal Australia.  Working closely with beauty salons during this time, Victoria’s passion for the beauty industry was reignited and her time with L’Oreal allowed her to build the knowledge and experience that was necessary to start her own salon specific cosmetics range.


The vision for her own brand was to combine the luxury and style of a department store makeup counter with high quality products, ingredients and formulas that would complement a salon’s beauty services as well as their skin care approach.


Like with any new business venture, it didn’t happen overnight, Victoria invested a number of years into the research and development of her brand.   Victoria began by conducting focus groups to identify the most common beauty issues affecting women.


My goal was to offer women more than just makeup – why not offer a range of cosmetics that double as problem solvers for our beauty needs. I set out to identify the most widely known beauty problems that we as women experience and designed a collection that targets these issues directly, offering beauty solutions through the use of makeup,” says Victoria.


Victoria travelled through France, Italy and across America to find the highest quality vitamins and minerals in order to develop the best formulas to solve these common problems.  Today, an exclusive Multi Mineral Complex is infused into the products. Vitamins A, C and E, as well as, potassium, zinc, lysine and magnesium provide antioxidant rich protection and as well as essential nourishment and hydration for the skin.


“By choosing the right mineral foundation, women can literally change the way their skin looks and feels instantly.I always encourage women to have a proper skin consultation in order to find the foundation formula and finish that is suitable for their skin type and for their lifestyle,” Victoria tells woman with drive.


According to Victoria, a woman should glow from the inside out and her mother, Mary, has always been her muse and was the inspiration behind creating a range of beauty products that allow a woman’s true beauty to shine through and enhance her best features effortlessly.


Cutis Collection has partnered with some of Australia’s most iconic fashion designers on the runway.  Designers including Rachel Gilbert and Carla Zampatti have worked with Curtis Collection to create the looks for their Spring/Summer launches using the product range.  Victoria plans to continue these partnerships in the future and looks forward to creating iconic looks on the runway that reflect the season’s latest trends.


Of course, like with most businesses, there are challenges along the way and owning your own business means you rarely get to ‘switch off’.  But, the benefits certainly pay off says Victoria.  Knowing that her daily decisions affect the future of her brand provides Victoria with an immense sense of satisfaction. On the other hand there are also major advantages to creating your own cosmetics collection, the most obvious being the endless supply of makeup that is always on hand – bonus!


Awarded Makeup Artist of the Year 2013, Victoria has proven that you can certainly achieve anything through hard work and determination.  Curtis Collection is now available in over 100 retails across Australia and New Zealand and in true woman with drive fashion; Victoria isn’t stopping there, with plans to further expand internationally in 2015.


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