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Vendor’s Advocates

When it comes to selling your home, it is often difficult to determine whether or not you are making the right decisions.  The latest trend in the property market helps to solve this issue.


Vendor’s advocates are the latest players in the real estate market, and work solely to benefit the vendor.  If you have ever sold a property, you will know that it is no easy feat.  It can be a lengthy, complicated and stressful process.  Now there is a way to eliminate some of the hassle.


Australians are starting to follow the lead of the US, where it is not uncommon for both the seller and vendor to be represented by an advocate during the buying or selling process.


A vendor’s advocate is used through all facets of the selling process, from advising the vendor on which real estate agent to select to sell their house, to assisting with marketing and advertising the property, to setting the reserve price and negotiating with buyers.


When you first decide you wish to sell your home, the vendor advocate will help determine when the best time to sell your home is.  The property market is constantly changing, so having an independent opinion may help save you some dollars.


Next, the vendor advocate will suggest any changes that should be made to the property that may better the chances of the property being sold for an increased price.


Thirdly, and probably the most crucial step, the vendor advocate will provide an independent view on which real estate agent to select to sell your house, based on their track record of success.


According to the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV), when selecting a vendor advocate, ensure your vendor advocate is in fact licenced for all facets of the process, this will guarantee both parties are protected if anything goes wrong. They also suggests that vendors should be aware of the commission-sharing arrangement between the vendor’s advocate and the real estate agent and should sight the documents outlining the arrangement, as required by the Estate Agent’s Act.


Some tips for choosing the right vendor’s advocate:

–       Check they are licensed;

–       Get a recommendation;

–       Be clear on the fees;

–       Sight the commission-sharing authority and keep a copy.


Vendor’s Advocacy is Australia’s largest team of vendor advocates and was first established in 2001. woman with drive has received a personal endorsement from a customer of Vendor’s Advocacy who was thrilled with the services on offer.   

To find out more about Vendor’s Advocacy or to ask an agent any questions you may have, visit:



Image credit: Kay & Burton


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