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We all know there are countless weight-loss treatments on the market that promise a wealth of results, but how many actually deliver? It almost seems that unless you want to go under the knife, or quit sugar, or exercise furiously every day, it’s impossible to find something that will actually work.


VelaShape2 is a relatively new treatment in Australia and only available at a few selected clinics around the country. The treatment is used for cellulite and circumference reduction, body contouring and skin tightening.


Unlike liposuction, VelaShape2 is non-surgical and pain free. It feels like a deep tissue massage and uses the body’s natural lymphatic system to rid the build up of fatty fibrous tissue with a little dispersion help from the VelaShape2.


Results are usually seen after the 1st or 2nd treatment with smoothed and tightened skin and a visible reduction in cellulite can be seen from around the 3rd or 4th treatment.


VelaShape2 is popular in Europe, U.S.A and South America with celebrities such as The Kardashian sisters, Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore all giving their seal of approval.


Jacqui Randall and Leanne McVeigh, owners of Body Confident, a clinic in Sydney decided to purchase the VelaShape2 device after trailing the treatment on themselves.


woman with drive’s friend and notorious shopping guru, from website Shopping Confessions, Kathy Sheeran put the treatment to the test. “I’ve tried countless treatments and creams, if it says it will lift, tuck, tighten or reduce, I’ll give it go!” says Kathy.


Kathy trailed the treatment at Body Confident in Sydney and reported on her results. “I found it really relaxing, poor Jacqui would have to put up with my snoring and dribbling. The treatment was once a week for 6 weeks, there is no benefit in having all treatments in one week,” explains Kathy.


Kathy said she noticed a 70% reduction in the cellulite on the backs of her legs and bottom. She now has 1 treatment every couple of months to maintain.


VelaShape2 treatments cost between $150-$280 per session depending on the area and is cheaper when purchased as part of a course package.


Visit Body Confident:

To see before and after shots and more information visit: @bodyconfidentnorthernbeaches or

VelaShape is also available at Miss Fox in Melbourne visit:

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