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Valentine’s Day


It’s that time of year again; Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and so too are the headaches and heartaches. Like birthdays, Valentine’s Day can quickly become repetitive and tiresome, and while for some this day might be a joyous occasion, for others, it can be a painfully sickening experience.


This year, we suggest switching gear and sending your regular routine into a complete overhaul. Tacky teddy bears and nights alone with a bottle of wine are the first things off the menu. Whether you are single or in a relationship, here is the woman with drive guide to a pain-free and pleasant Valentine’s Day.


1)    Girl’s Night Out

Ditch your partner and head out for a night on the town with your girlfriends. We are sure you can see your partner anytime; he will probably even be home waiting for you upon your return home, so enjoy this special day with some special friends instead. Whether it is a group dinner, or drinks at your favourite bar, grab your girlfriends and hit the town for a man-free night.


2)   Get Physical

They say physical activity is good for the mind and soul, so why not work up a sweat on Valentine’s Day of a different kind? Grab your partner or friends and try out a new fitness class. The more creative, the more fun it is guaranteed to be. Try something new so everyone is on the same level. Ice skating, an aerial yoga class, cardio tennis even, are all sure put a smile on your face while working off some calories at the same time.


3)   Stay Indoors

Gather a group of people together for a stay-at-home group date. Whether it is with other couples or a group of singles, it is guaranteed to be a fun night in for all. Split the duties between the group and designate roles for the night. Some people will be on cooking duty, some on cleaning, and some can supply the wine – a crucial role. Make sure you have an even number of people so no one is left feeling like a third wheel.


4)   Be a Tourist

A dinner out with your partner on Valentine’s Day may be considered cliché, so if you’re after a night out with your loved one, why not get a little adventurous? There is bound to be plenty of activities left on your bucket list, so why not tick off a few on Valentine’s Day? While you may have lived in your city for your entire life, perhaps you have never seen it from the eyes of a tourist.  Here is your chance to be tourist in your town for the night. A trip to the museum, art gallery, aquarium or famous building will provide the perfect night out for two. It may even be a little romantic.


If you have any other suggestions for how to spend this day, please tell us.


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