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Under the Sea

If you have ever dreamt of living under the sea, all your mermaid fantasies may actually come true!   Pack your bags and set sail for the latest travel trend – underwater hotels.


Here are some very different hotel experiences both on and off shore that are sure to make your next travel experience one to remember.


Atlantis The Palm – Dubai

While this hotel is set on land, the Neptune and Poseidon suites will transcend you to an underwater aquatic oasis.  Open the curtains in your suite and discover the underwater world inside the hotel’s manmade Ambassador Lagoon.  They sleep up to five people, spread across three floors and will set you back $8,800 per night.  Free massages, personal training sessions, access to the hotel nightclub, your own poolside cabana and free admission to the aquarium are some of the perks this price includes.


Poseidon Undersea Resort – Fiji

This proposed five-star resort is designed to feature both an on-land complex and underwater complex.  Under the water, the vision features 22 guest rooms, a library, wedding chapel, spa and restaurant, and intended to be accessed via an on-shore lift that will transport you in the deep sea.


Although this hotel is yet to be completed, you can register online to be notified when the hotel begins taking reservations, and the experience is expected to cost around $30,000 per couple.  So if you’re looking for a wedding location like no other, this could be the place for you!


Utter Inn- Sweden

This simple stay will have you feeling like you have really become apart of the aquatic life.  Designed by artist and sculptor Mikael Genberg, guests are dropped off by boat, at a typically Swedish-style mini house on the water’s surface, then left to their own devices. This miniature style of living has only the basic necessities, two twin beds, a table, a bathroom, and a camping stove, and only costs around $168 per night.


Hydropolis – Dubai

There’s another hotel that will soon be making a splash in Dubai – hopefully. With a build price of around $550 million dollars, the much-anticipated construction of the Hydropolis hotel has been postponed due to technical difficulties. If this hotel ever hits the seas, it will be the world’s first completely underwater hotel – and the most expensive. Stay tuned.


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