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7 Travel Essentials For Mums

Travelling With Kids

Anyone who has travelled with little children understands just how much planning, packing and luggage are required when a small person leaves home. Travel then becomes a juggling act of holding on to a child while setting up an inflight makeshift bed and mentally keeping track of everything that needs to be repacked before the plane lands.

The good news is that more travel products are catering to mums on the go and are thoughtfully designed with ease, comfort and safety in mind. Here are woman with drive’s seven top travel essentials for mums that will make life a whole lot easier while en route to a holiday destination.

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Fly Babee

A godsend for mums with a baby who refuses to sleep on flight because the overhead lights, passing passengers and wall-mounted TV directly overhead are just too interesting to ignore. Fly Babee’s wonderfully practical solution is a blackout pop-up canopy that clips on to any inflight bassinet to keep out 97 per cent of the light. Back home, it doubles up as a sun cover for your stroller while allowing for ventilation and plenty of kick space.


Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light

Ever asked a hotel for a baby crib, recoiled at its shabby condition and ended up sharing the bed with your child? Baby Bjorn’s travel crib bypasses all that fuss. The 6kg foldable crib can be set up in one simple movement, is easy to store and carry, and comes with a soft mattress that has an in-built base plate to keep it standing firmly on the floor.


3 in 1 Nap Sac

Babies have a lot of luggage and hauling it all around can be exhausting. This is why multi-purpose products, like the Lilly Gold 3 in 1 Nap Sac, are indispensible. The deluxe diaper bag unfolds into a self-contained changing station or a comfortable bassinet with four padded sides and spacious pockets. It is also designed as a regular tote, which takes away the hassle of carrying a bulky item around.



Not to be confused with the previous product of the same sounding name, this one is a portable hammock-style seat that can be attached to the back of an airplane seat. So if your baby is not ready for some shuteye yet, you will be able to entertain them while having your hands free. When you are not travelling, the FlyeBaby serves a second purpose as a replacement high chair by attaching it to a dining room chair.



Imagine wrapping an enormous diaper around your baby to keep them safe in a dining chair. That is exactly how the Totseat is described. The seat wraps around the baby’s chest and under the armpits to prevent them wriggling out and can be shortened or extended according to chairs of all shapes and sizes.


Pacific Baby

Keeping your child’s drinks at the right temperature while on the move can be tricky especially if your journey is a few hours long. Unless, of course, you have one of Pacific Baby’s vacuum-sealed stainless steel bottles which promise to keep liquids warm or cold for up to 10 hours. Even better, each bottle is cleverly designed to instantly transform from baby feeding bottle to sippy cup to drinking bottle.



No more scrabbling around a huge tote bag or forgetting that item you chucked behind the safety manual when your baby woke up. This stylish and protective bag holds every travel carry-on you need in internal pockets that are flexible enough to fit around odd shaped or bulky items like a paperback. Zip up your belongings and slip the Airpocket into the seat-back pocket within easy reach during the flight. Before disembarking, sling it across your body or over your shoulder so your hands are free to hold on to the little ones.


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