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Top L.A. Shopping Tips

Los Angeles offers some of the best shopping in the world with a wealth of options ranging from outlet malls to department stores and high end boutiques.


We asked Karine Bulger from LA Experience for her tips on getting the most out of a shopping trip to LA. Here are her top 10 tips.

1. Pre-purchase extra baggage allowance before you leave – you’re sure to buy lots of goodies and it’s much cheaper to pre-pay rather than paying at the airport in LA.

2. Start with some pampering – when you arrive book in to get your hair styled and maybe a facial and spray tan so you’re refreshed after your long flight and feeling glamorous.

3. Get out of town – don’t be afraid to drive an hour or more to the outlet malls in LA as sometimes you can triple your savings at spots such as the Camarillo Outlet Centre which is 45 minutes north of LA.

4. Hire a driver – it’s much better to have a driver on hand to take your bags as you shop and easier than struggling to get taxis.

5. Visit during sale times – LA has amazing sales throughout the year in conjunction with public holidays from Thanksgiving to Labor Day to Christmas and New Year.

6. When you find something great that fits, buy multiples – especially items such as jeans and runners that you will always need.

7. Pre-buy some of your items online and have them delivered to your hotel. This is especially good for websites that only deliver in the USA, or for items you don’t want to waste time shopping around for.

8. Pace yourself – go to the outer suburban malls first so by the time you hit the department stores, you know the best prices.

9. Hire a fashion stylist on the ground – some of the labels may be unfamiliar to you so a stylist can save you time, money and point you in the right direction. Many of the department stores have stylists you can hire to help you make the best choices.

10. Have a list prepared – you don’t want to get home and find you’ve forgotten something … or someone!


After 15 years in the Australian corporate travel industry, Karine set up LA Experience to cater to women who love luxury, pampering and of course shopping. She operates five-night trips with accommodation at the five-star Montage Hotel in the heart of Beverley Hills. The (almost) all-inclusive tours include private drivers to take you shopping and collect you from venues in the evening (until 2am!). Enjoy breakfast and dinner at exclusive restaurants such as The Ivy, stylist sessions and much more. She even looks after all your tipping for you.


Groups of up to 20 – include friends, mothers and daughters, sisters and women travelling alone. You can even bring your partner who is looked after with exclusive access to LA golf courses or even tickets to the NBA and NHL at Staples Centre’s exclusive Hyde Lounge. Prices start at USD$4500 with almost everything included (exceptions are some lunches and extra drinks if you really want to hit the town). Some interesting upcoming tours include the Columbus Day Sales tour (October 10-15) which includes a private suite for the Pink concert – or the Thanksgiving Day Sales (Nov 28 to Dec 3) which includes a private suite at the Michael Buble concert.





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