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The Power of Lipstick

We always knew that putting on your favourite shade of lipstick can make you feel like a new woman, but now we have the science to back it up!  We put on lipstick because it makes us feel good but little did we know the subconscious psychological effects it has on those around us.


Lipstick makes you look younger

A collaborative study with Chanel found that the contrasts of facial features are a cue that people use to judge a woman’s age.  As we get older our skin tone darkens and our lips, eyes and eyebrows become paler, resulting in less contrast.  Enhancing features by darkening eyebrows, wearing mascara and yes, of course a coat of lipstick creates more contrast and the illusion of a more youthful appearance.


Lipstick makes you more confident

Ever found that the right shade of red can make you feel like you can take on the world?  The colour red has forever been associated with confidence and power, and according to style psychologist Kate Nightingale simply wearing the colour can induce these feeling in us. Beauty mecca Elizabeth Arden obviously thought so, creating a red lipstick for women serving in WWII to help them feel empowered.

By bringing attention to your mouth you are also encouraging people to focus more on what you are saying and really listen effectively.


Lipstick makes you more attractive

Countless studies have found that men find women wearing lipstick more attractive. But why?  Well, it’s all in the biology.  A flushed red lip works like a visual pheromone.  The poor guys don’t stand a chance!  A study by Manchester University discovered that on seeing a woman for the first time, a man would spend 7.3 seconds fixated on her painted pout compared to only 2.2 seconds on bare lips.


Lipstick makes you more likely to succeed

Research has found that wearing makeup emphasises features that are associated with trustworthiness, likeability and competency- qualities that are often taken into account when hiring or considering someone for a promotion.

Red is the shade most likely to get you ahead with several studies showing that red receives special treatment.  A French study found that waitresses that wore red were tipped significantly more often than those wearing any other colour, and another study uncovered that men were willing to spend more money on a woman during a date if she wore red.


So, if don’t already have a trusty shade of red lipstick in your cupboard, we suggest heading to the closest make-up counter!


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