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Made-to-measure is the perfect fit

When we look at images of women in the 1950s, they look so perfect – crisp and neat. This is partly due to the fact their clothes were made-to-measure – “literally” by themselves, a family member or a dressmaker.

In today’s world of mass-production, it’s nice to know that made-to-measure services are still available in Australia.  Here are some ideas on how to commission your very own made-to-measure wardrobe.

Sleek Suits

A tailored suit is the perfect addition to a premium wardrobe.  There’s nothing quite like a beautifully tailored suit that fits like a glove. It’s an investment that will ensure you look and feel a cut above the rest. Herringbone offers both made-to-measure shirts and suits, using the finest quality fabrics and offers the customer unique customisation through the choice of buttons, stitching and detailing.  If you have an eye for style and appetite for luxury, then this service is the ultimate in impeccable tailoring.  Shirt prices start at $179 and suits from $1,395.


Fabulous Fifties

If you love the look of 1950s clothing, there is a specialist dressmaker in Melbourne that can make all your dreams come true.  The Golden Age creates hand tailored, made-to-measure vintage women’s clothing.  Karlee Sangster is the master seamstress and her skills extend beyond cutting and sewing – she also specialises in turning old photographs, pictures and pattern illustrations into vintage-inspired garments.  So delve into your shoebox of old photos and have grandma immortalized on a new outfit

Visit for more information.

Bust-a-Move Shirts

Mr Rose offers the perfect fitting shirt for the budding to full-bloom bust.  If you’ve ever had issues with a buxom or absent bust line, then Mr Rose can help.  The bust-a-move shirt is a custom made stretch-cotton shirt tailored according to your body size, body type and bust size; you’ll never have trouble finding the classic white shirt again. Each shirt costs $199 and delivery time is quoted at four weeks.


Shoes of Prey

There’s no denying every woman loves a great pair of shoes; but have you ever dreamed of creating your own? Shoes of Prey is an online shoe phenomenon, thanks to their simple and stylish custom made shoes.  The process is so easy. You are chief designer from start to finish – choose the shape (ballet flat, stilettos, sandals, wedges), colour (every colour of the rainbow) and heel height of your shoe. They cost around $199 and they are delivered free of charge within four weeks.  Simple and easy – yes please.

Visit and start designing.


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