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The No-Surgery Eye Lift

If you haven’t heard of the book The Makeup Wakeup by Lois Joy Johnson and Sandy Linter, do yourself a favour and get reading.  This book will become your make-up bible for all the best tips, tricks and advice from the experts, and there is no surgery required!


According to Sandy and Lois, spending five to ten minutes extra in the morning to do your eye make-up will make a world of difference to your look.  You’re eyes will look lifted, sculpted and more dramatic all without a trip to the surgeon’s office.


Here are your top five fail-safe tips to keep you looking radiant all day long and avoid the need for touch ups:


1.  Do eye make-up first

This may sound like an odd request but according to the experts it’s more efficient and effective.  During eye shadow application, shadow flakes fall onto the skin under the eyes and cheek area.  You may also have a spot or two of mascara smudged under the eye during application.  By applying face foundation last, you will avoid the double duty cleanup later and your foundation will look fresher.


2.  Use a high pigmented eye pencil

You may be surprised that not all eye pencils have a high colour pigment.  Make sure you test the eye pencil on the back of your hand before purchasing.  A good pencil will go on the skin in a dense, solid stroke and won’t require work to build intensity.


3.  Kick the eyeliner out at the corner

Avoid the sagging effect without any cosmetic enhancements!  When applying eyeliner move the liner slightly upwards at the corner of your eyes to create a wide-eyed look.  This will eliminate any sagging effect and draw attention away from dark circles.  A cotton button or brush will help you achieve the perfect kick; just make sure your pencil is sharp and clean.


4.  Add a second liner

Once you are happy with the shape of your liner, apply a second layer of powder or gel liner.  A powder liner will create a softer, smoky effect, and soften the edges of the pencil line without smudging.  While a gel liner will create a sleek, clean line.  Play around with both options and see which look you prefer.  The pencil liner is the trick to shaping your eyes and acts as the base, which can then be retraced with a powder or gel liner to achieve your desired end result.


5.  Splurge on quality

If you want to achieve the best results when it comes to your face, don’t settle for the cheap alternatives.  Investing in a quality lash curler and mascara will be worth every cent.  Shu Uemura, the queen of lashes, make a great lash curler.  Do not be alarmed by the price, it’s worth its pretty price tag.

Mascara should be purchased according to the type of lashes you have, not the desired look you want to achieve.  If you have short, thin lashes, use lightweight mascara, if you have medium or long lashes, volumising mascara will work perfectly.  With age, our lashes begin to become sparser, thickening mascara is not always the best option as it can weigh the lashes down and begin to flake during the day.


Follow these easy steps to achieve the perfect no-surgery eyelift.  A little extra time in the morning can avoid a whole lot of time and money spent at the surgery.


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