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The Art of Packing Lightly

By Sonia Kruger

Packing lightly is a fine art form – an acquired skill that many busy women learn over time.  Just like going into battle, packing lightly must be diligently and strategically planned to ensure no essentials are left behind.

Fortunately, I have had my fair share of travel and moving between Sydney and the Gold Coast for months has certainly fine-tuned my skills.


Here are my 10 tips for packing on the go:


1.  If you’re only traveling for a short period of time, only take carry on luggage so you can make a quick getaway from the airport.  It’s surprising how much you can fit into such a small case.


2.  Pack a ‘travel’ sized moisturiser and cleanser.  Unless you’re planning on leaving the country for weeks, you don’t need over-sized products.  Dermalogica have a great travel skincare range.


3.  Don’t take items that will be provided in a good hotel like shampoo and conditioner. They can take up a lot of space and are heavy, so enjoy the amenities on offer instead.


4.  Only take essential makeup items – there is no need to travel with 12 lipsticks and 8 different eye shadow colours, just take your favourites and something neutral that will work with any outfit or colour palette.  Pale colours are perfect for any situation, and a quick flick of the eye pencil will take you from day to night make-up.


5.  Take clothing that doesn’t crease and can be rolled and slotted into gaps in your suitcase.  Wool fabrics, cottons and heavy drills hold up well when tucked away in suitcase for a while.  You don’t want to be stuck ironing when you’re travelling, so make sure the clothes you pack are durable and don’t crease easily.  Just hang them in the cupboard as soon as you get to your destination.


6.  Try to stick to a neutral palette so you can mix and match clothes. Black, white and grey are my staples.  Don’t pack 21 different outfits, when you’re only going for a few days.


7.  Wear bulky items on board the plane and always carry an overcoat for a couple of reasons – an overcoat takes up too much space in a suitcase and it can get cold on a plane so it also doubles as a blanket.


8.  Always pack enough essentials – there’s nothing worse than realizing you’ve only packed a couple of pairs of underwear when you’re away for 7 days.


9.  Be systematic and pack only what is absolutely required for you get through the day.


10.  Don’t panic – remember that if you forget something, it’s often a great excuse to go shopping!


Knowing how to pack lightly is definitely something we are not born with.  But you can easily develop this skill and become an expert.


Happy travelling!


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