8 Rules For Appropriate Summer Workwear

summer workwear

If only the rules of summer work wear were as straightforward as those of winter. There is little room for misunderstanding when it comes to wrapping up but many questions abound when it comes to dressing for warmer temperatures.

How many layers are too little when you are trying not to break into a sweat? Will deliciously light sleeveless tops and dresses be frowned upon? And how much of a shorter hemline can you get away with?

While the culture differs in every workplace, there are certain unspoken rules that you would do well to stick by.

Here are woman with drive’s guidelines to keeping cool in the workplace without being the reason that the company dress code is circulated again.

1. Opt for slits instead of minis
Rather than raise hemlines and eyebrows, choose a long, tailored skirt with strategically placed slits. It will give you the same, wonderful cooling effect as a shorter hemline without the disapproving sidelong glances.


2. Raise the hemline of that maxi dress
If you would rather err on the side of caution by wearing a maxi dress, then make sure the hemline does not fall below your ankle. Any longer than that will leave you looking sloppy.


3, Seek out luxury tees
Whoever says tees have no business in the workplace has obviously never worn tees in cashmere or silk. The dressier material amps up the luxe factor while tucking the tees into a full skirt or tailored trousers with a sharp blazer on top makes for a polished look.


4. Air your feet
Heat escapes through your feet so just as a pair of socks keeps you warm in winter, so does a pair of airy shoes keep you cool in summer. Slip on a pair of canvas espadrilles, backless mules or peep toe pumps for breezy comfort throughout the day.


5. Make sure the armholes fit
If sleeveless tops and dresses get the green light at your workplace then your job is to make sure the armholes are an excellent fit. Armholes that gape can reveal undergarments while those that are too tight will create unwanted bulges.


6. Give the shirtdress a whirl
Shirtdresses are the perfect balance between formal and smart casual. The crisp cotton material keeps you cool while the collar lends it a professional touch.

The biggest advantage of a shirtdress, though, is that it can be styled in multiple ways from belted to unbelted or from buttoned all the way up to left slightly loose.


7. Choose the right colours

Avoid light greys and pastels that will show up sweat patches, and instead opt for geometric or floral prints that will camouflage them.


8. Put on a sharp jacket or blazer
The right jacket or blazer can transform any dress into a sleek, pulled together outfit. Keep to basic colours for versatility but if you find a summer colour that works with most of your clothes, wear it with aplomb!


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