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Summer Swimwear That Is Turning Up The Heat

summer swimwear

Plunging backs, high necks and lace details. These are familiar words at fashion week and in fashion magazines. But this summer, these words are taking over Australian beaches in waves of bold colours and daring designs.

woman with drive speaks to four prominent Australian designers whose brands are riding next season’s crest of swimwear trends.


JETS Swimwear

jets swimwear

Jessika Allen spent the 80s designing bodysuits so it was only natural that her next progression would be to swimwear. The resulting JETS Swimwear reflects the epitome of couture tailoring coupled with Jessika’s innate understanding of the female form.

What is the inspiration behind your designs this summer?
Our Pure Instinct Collection is inspired by a new global woman; a fearless, feminine character that is raw and unbelievably glamorous. Our designs encapsulate precision and form mixed with grace, polished styling and the art of detail. Think prints infused with energy and riot of colour.

Which is the hero piece?
The plunged lace-up one-piece from the Inspired story, which speaks of refined glamour with its crochet netting and lace. Closely after this is the nautical luxury that is part of the Panama story. My favourite piece is the deep plunging one-piece that explores new depths of glamour with its side cutouts and chunky lace-up eyelet front.

What trends can we expect to see this year?
This season is all about lace, eyelets and ladder detailing. A new shape you can expect to see is the brilliant ‘teardrop back’, which has a multi strap keyhole back and looks amazing on the body.

Necklines are also very important this season and popular styles include high neck designs with mesh overlay, ultra-slick deep plunges, modern crossovers, keyhole fronts and under-bust buckles.

One of my favourite trends is what I call the sports-luxe 2.0. It is a more refined take on athletica with bold bands in super luxe colour blocking and a daring swipe of texture with fine mesh tulle.

Your top tip(s) for choosing the right swimwear and wearing it well.
The key ingredients to finding the right swimsuit is how it fits your body and how it makes you feel. When in the changing room, only your opinion matters. So be honest with yourself. Do you feel comfortable, does it cut-in or gape anywhere?

And do not be afraid to ask for help! Visit a swim specialist in-store who can assist you in trying on as many shapes as you can to find that perfect swimsuit.


Bondi Bather

bondi bather

Bondi Bather calls itself a ‘little swimwear label” but that does not mean it is not making a splash. Kerry Cusack’s limited edition collections are locally made in beautiful Italian fabric and designed to reflect the epitome of the Bondi lifestyle.

What is the inspiration behind your designs this summer?
Our new prints cover a palette of feminine pinks through to deep inky blues. We also have our signature minty aquas – all of the tones and colours that we see in the ocean. Our selection is based on colour against skin tone.

Which is the hero piece?
The Australian Cut, which is our take on the Brazilian. It is in-between a regular skimpy cut and a G-string, and the shape is so much more flattering than a regular, full coverage bottom. (Ladies, too much fabric draws attention to your booty!) The subtle detail with the ruching along the back is a style winner too. So look out Brazil, the Aussies are moving in!

What trends can we expect to see this year?  
Prepare to see a lot of one-pieces, but not the old-fashioned ones. The hottest style this season is the Bay Watch style one piece – low at the sides, high cut on the leg, and with a plunging back. It is a super flattering style that is also perfect with a pair of shorts after a day at the beach!

Your top tip(s) for choosing the right swimwear and wearing it well.  
Choose styles that flatter your shape and that are sold separately so that you can mix and match. Opt for skimpier bottoms if you dare because they are more flattering than the regular styles.

Colours are important too. Minty aquas are great for fair-skinned blonds, whereas richer blues and golden tones are great for darker skin tones, and fiery redheads.

And do not forget to look after that beautiful skin! We are seeing a big trend in rash vests due to skin cancer being at an all time high in Australia. The good news is that rash vests are cuter and sexier than ever before!


Frankie Swimwear

frankie swimwear

It has taken Frankie Swimwear a short three years to become an international household name and count celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Rihanna among its fans. Fresh from showing at New York Fashion Week in September, Rebecca Klodinsky is now gearing up to expand Frankie’s presence in the United States.

What is the inspiration behind your designs this summer?
This summer is very much about emphasising our classic bikini. We have refined our colour palate and although some tones are quite bright, our focus revolves heavily around a neutral, fresh palette.

Is there a hero piece?
The Darling Bralette & G3 Bottoms are definitely our hero pieces. The overall fit and construction of this particular bikini is meticulously created to give girls a reliable and classic suit.

What trends can we expect to see this year?
Bright colours and uncomplicated suits. Minimalism is in this season with neutral nail polish, a great tan and a colour-popping bikini.

Your top tip(s) for choosing the right swimwear and wearing it well.
The number one rule is to wear the right size. If the suit fits well, the rest is easy! Do not be afraid of colour or new cuts; half the fun of wearing a new bikini is trying something new. Embrace Brazilian bottoms and try skimpy triangles.


Waikini Swim


Earlier this year, Tess Nolan burst onto the Australian bikini scene with Waikini Swim, a swimwear line that promises to endure the salt and sun of a good, long summer. The handmade bikinis are now showing up on beaches across the world because as she says, “It is always summer somewhere!”

What is the inspiration behind your designs this summer?
My inspiration essentially came from my own lifestyle. Like most young women in Australia, I spend all year round on our amazing beaches or going on vacation to other tropical destinations. The pieces in my collection are durable, modern, comfortable and flatter every body shape.

Which is the hero piece?
The Malibu set in Stone Grey. The cut and texture of this matte buttery fabric is so comfortable and the deep colour accentuates a glowing, sun-kissed tan.

What trends can we expect to see this year?  
Vibrant colours, cheeky bottoms and flattering fits.

Your top tip(s) for choosing the right swimwear and wearing it well.  
Embrace your natural figure and go with the bikini that helps you flaunt it!


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