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Celebrating The Stress-Free Christmas Lunch

christmas table

Is your Christmas story the same one every year? The one where you plan what seems like a fuss-free Christmas lunch that somehow turns out a little more complicated than you had foreseen. Well, then it is time to rewrite that story this Christmas.

Any one of these seven quick tips will gift you that easy, relaxed festive lunch that you have planned so many times in your mind.


1. Ditch tradition

On a Christmas Day in summer, the last thing you want is to spend the morning in a scorching kitchen making a full hot roast. If your family insists on a meat dish, pull together a spread of glazed ham, cold cuts and seafood instead.


2. Spruce up your side dishes

You only really need one centrepiece dish if you allow the sides to truly shine. The easiest things to make are big, beautiful salads from seasonal produce – light, fresh and absolutely bursting with flavour.


3. Plan your menu around your kitchen

Whether you are hiring a chef or wearing the apron yourself, think about your kitchen’s functionality when you plan the menu. Do not plan two oven-baked dishes if you only have one oven. Or make multiple cold dishes if your fridge is already crammed to the brim. And if guests are bringing plates, tell them not to bring food that needs to be popped into the oven or fridge before being served.


4. Set the table first

Do this before you start prepping the food. This way, even if not all the food is ready when the doorbell rings, your guests will still be greeted by a beautiful table.

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5. Keep it simple for the kids

Planning a kids’ menu is completely unnecessary as they will be more interested in their presents than their food. Just make sure there is simple, easy food like bread, ham slices or cheese sticks that they can hold and graze on while playing. This way no adult has to run after them with a plate.


6. Do not cook what you do not like

Everyone has a Christmas favourite but that does not mean you should feel guilted into making every single one. Cook what you like to eat and if anything requires extra effort, make sure that particular dish holds real significance for you.


7. Sneak in one surprise

Maybe it is a gorgeous, elaborate dessert or a bottle of something extra special. The idea is to strike a balance between the comfortably predictable and the unexpected. And really, you only need one very good surprise for the people to be still talking about your Christmas lunch in the New Year.


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