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Staying In Style For New Mums


The arrival of a new baby brings a sea of changes – four of which involve your body, lifestyle, wardrobe and self-esteem. As a pregnant woman, our main focus is on prepping for the baby’s arrival and buying new clothes that show off our baby bump in style. Yet little attention, if any, is given to what we will need from our wardrobe post-partum.

A few months after the baby arrives, we start noticing that we keep wearing the same outfits and that a significant number are no longer flattering or functional. We also gradually discover that our wardrobe no longer caters to our new responsibilities nor does it suit our new lifestyle.

As we grapple with the uncertainty of this transition, we experience a “style slump” and secretly fear that we will never regain our sense of style or feel like our “old self” once more. The good news is that this is merely an adjustment period. With the right style strategies, our wardrobe will easily complement and collaborate with our new life. So here are five strategies to stay in style for new mums.


Create Harmony Between Your Wardrobe And Lifestyle

Reevaluate the contents of your wardrobe, and decide which pieces fit your lifestyle and body shape today. Put away any pieces that do not meet these criteria as it can be upsetting to constantly look at familiar clothes that no longer fit. Once your wardrobe is in harmony with your current lifestyle, size and shape, you will find contentment in your daily style choices.


Forget Fashion Trends – For A While

Being a new mum requires effort, which should not be spent on keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Instead use that precious time and energy on developing a new signature style through curated investment pieces and a wider range of timeless basics. Keep adding to your new wardrobe and soon you will have something chic to wear every single day.


Stop The Comparisons

As women, we can be highly critical of how we measure up to our peers. But comparing your dress sense to those of other mums will not do much for your feel-good radar. Most new mums also end up wearing similar clothes to each other because it feels “safer”. Unfortunately, it is harder to be someone you are not. Dress authentically so you always feel at ease with yourself and less self-conscious.


Blend Style and Comfort

Who says new mums cannot be stylish and comfortable at the same time? Choose fabrics that are crease-free, that come without special washing instructions and that do not cling to the body, like silk. The most flattering fabrics are those that gently skim the body like jersey, cotton and wool.

Also find alternatives to your favourite styles. Stilettos are not the best footwear when pushing a stroller so swap them for a pair of sexy wedges. Trade restrictive pencil skirts for easy-to-move-in maxi skirts instead. Be open to trying new looks, items and styles.


Find Your Mother Muse

Love how Miranda Kerr looks effortlessly cool with a baby on her hip? Or perhaps you admire Angelina Jolie’s minimalism or even Victoria Beckham’s all-black elegance. These mums have nailed the chic but comfortable look of motherhood. Look to them for inspiration. It is hard work deciding what to wear everyday and observing a stylish mother muse – especially when she is out with her babies – will encourage you to try new looks.


There will be days when a tracksuit will just have to do. Or days when you look a little less like yourself in the playground. That is absolutely ok. Even the most stylish of new mums have been down that road before. So allow yourself those less-than-fabulous days and then go right back to flaunting your style.


Image credit: Stokke


Christine Maikuosis Style You Chic

Christine Maikousis is a certified personal stylist and the director of Style You Chic. She believes that confidence is greatly influenced by one’s appearance and has made it her mission to guide women towards discovering a style that works beautifully for each one of them. Christine can be contacted here.

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