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Inner city living has its perks and its pains. Being within walking distance of a variety of restaurants and being close to the action is fabulous, but car parking and security can be a nightmare. However the latest car stacking devices now solve the problem of whose car takes priority in the garage – they both can!

Car stackers have become popular additions to luxury apartments all over the world, especially in cities such as New York, infamous for its car parking problems. But now the technology is becoming accessible and more popular in Australia as we look to find ways to maximise space when we move closer to town.

In Australia, there are two main systems for domestic use – the pit design and the duplex.

The pit allows one car to be parked and then lowered into a pit. You can park another car on top plus have the surface to feature an interesting finish such as stone, timber or artificial grass. I like this system as it feels like I’m parking my car in a secret lair.

The duplex is a two level system that has one single lifting post. This system is free standing, and the single post is installed on the passenger side of the vehicle and allows the driver to get in and out of their vehicle without the worry of damaging their car door. This can be installed in a standard garage as shown in the image.

One of the major Australian car stacking providers is Car Stackers International and they say these systems also increase property value because when it comes time to sell your property it opens up the market to more potential purchasers by offering two car parks instead of one.

Car stacking systems seem a great investment for empty nesters. Moving out of a large family home to an apartment doesn’t have to mean moving back to a single car (Heaven forbid!). Now you can park two cars in a space originally designed for one.

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