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Quick and Easy Spring Soup

spring soup

We have waved off the winter cold but that does not mean having to put the soup pot away. As we hit our springtime stride, our dinner table reflects the lightness of the food placed upon it like salads, cold cuts and yes, soup.

Light, colourful and cold are the intangible ingredients in each bowl of springtime soup, and it all starts with seasonal produce like cucumber, broccoli, Swiss chard and tomato. All of which can be used to whip up soup that is both nourishing and refreshing.

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Chilled cucumber soup is a firm favourite as the temperature rises and is wonderfully simple to put together. To give it a dash of sophistication, pour it into shot glasses and top it with bite-sized grilled seafood. If you like your soups chunky, then try this Bulgarian version by Maureen Shaw of Orgasmic Chefs.

Western Australian chef, Sophie Zalokar, turns broccoli into something special in her version of broccoli soup with the addition of za’atar, a Middle Eastern spice mix of dried thyme, toasted sesame seeds and sumac. When Emma Galloway of My Darling Lemon Thyme gave it a whirl, she added Swiss chard for vibrancy.

It is simply impossible to talk about cold soups without mentioning the queen of them all – gazpacho. Made of raw vegetables and always served cold, gazpacho is a gorgeous pillar-box red soup that is a staple in Andalusia. Irena Macri of Eat Drink Paleo introduces her twist on this tomato-based soup by omitting the bread without losing its glorious taste.


Cold soup tips:

1. Food tastes less salty when it is served cold so remember to add an extra dash of salt to the savoury soups.

2. If you have made your soup in advance, then pour a portion into ice cube trays. Before serving, pop the cubes into the bowls of soup to add a zing of icy freshness.


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