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Soaking up the sun

Living in a country where the great outdoors is an integral part of the lifestyle of many Australians, a good sunscreen is essential to protect our skin form burning. Whether it is just a short walk, or bathing in the sun to escape the cool office air during the summer months.


But what is all this protection worth when we slather chemicals onto the largest organ of our bodies to allegedly protect it?!


woman with drive has taken organic and natural sunscreens to the test to protect and nurture our skin so we can truly enjoy and soak up the goodness of the Australian summer sun.


Here are our top picks:



Soleo Organics

Soleo’s SPF30 sunscreen is packed with the goodness of five different natural oils. While the sunscreen is on the oily side, we felt our skin was not only protected but also well cared for while in the sun. A bonus was a lovely glow to our skin after application and a healthy golden tan after a day on the beach.


Get it here:



Eco Natural Sunscreen

Eco’s natural sunscreen has quite a dry feel to it and is therefore perfect for everyday use. Unlike some other sunscreens, it leaves no white residue on the skin and absorbs quite quickly.

Bursting with vitamin E, green tea and rose hip, natural zinc is what creates the protecting barrier on the surface of your skin.


Get it here:


Both sunscreens are water resistant and what we love even more about them is that they not only care about the ingredients that we slather on our skin, but Soleo and Eco equally care about the environmental impact their products have and both have the ‘reef friendly’ tick.


Images: Supplied


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