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Six Super Stylish Mummy Bloggers

Stylish Mummy Bloggers

Motherhood and style. To some, it is an oxymoron while to others, a way of life. The truth is, while you may no longer have the luxury of time or energy to plan your daily outfits, you can still step out the front door looking like a million bucks if you have the right fashion strategies up your sleeve.

Fuss-free classic pieces that you adore, that reflect your personal style and that can be easily jazzed up with a lush accessory or two will take you a very long way. To get you started, here are six blogger mums who live, love and breathe style.


What Would Karl Do


Image Credit: Karen Woo


Jess Dempsey returned to Melbourne from Paris bursting with ideas, inspiration and a massive collection of Parisian pieces that she was dying to show off. That desire eventually found its shape as a fashion blog, What Would Karl Do

A deft blend of high street brands and high-end designers, the popular Australian blog is awash in a gorgeous, earthy palette and snappy text. Its aspirational stories and beautiful images have taken the mother of two to local and international fashion weeks, campaigns and ambassadorships.

A self-confessed shoe lover, Jess is a firm believer in investing in good quality shoes but only if they are the correct size because, “it’s way too hard to sell second-hand shoes and you will never get back the money you think you deserve.”


The Fashionista Momma


Image credit: The Fashionista Momma


New Yorker Megan Ballard is a born fashionista turned mother of two who shares her dual world on her blog, The Fashionista Momma. A former model, she learnt from a tender age that women deserve to feel beautiful, and her blog is a loud, clear echo of that sentiment.

Megan’s classic style is accentuated with bold accessories, and always leaning to the brighter half of the colour wheel. Every Saturday delivers a Style Link Up where she shares her personal style with her online posse. And once you have had your fill of her gorgeous fashion pages, you will find yourself straying to her other musings on beauty, health and lifestyle.


For The Love Of


Image credit: For The Love Of


Andrea Howe’s blog, For The Love Of, is a blend of minimalism and diversity. Her philosophy is rooted in approachable modern living and that comes to life in the clean imagery and writing style.

From Daily Style tips to a Weekly Wrap-Up of personal insights and great style stories, the Southern Californian is all about keeping it real as a mother of three by making clothes work for you instead of the other way around. She also strongly urges you to, “buy a cute dress you are drawn to on sale even if you don’t have an immediate need for it.”

Because, let’s face it, there is no such thing as having too many dresses.


Styled By Chris


Image credit: Styled By Chris


There is a logical reason why Christel Bezemer looks fabulous in her photographs on Styled By Chris. She has a rule of being true to herself by only wearing clothes that she truly loves and that are a perfect fit. The mother of one from the Netherlands chooses her own outfits, snaps her own pictures and personally dishes out every bit of style advice on her dual-language blog.

Style, to her, is a way of showing people who she is without uttering a single word. And judging by her blog, she is a fusion of elegance and urban chic. We are talking pretty mini dresses, gleaming bronze accessories and her one great fashion love – the not-so-humble sneakers.


Cara Loren


Image credit: Cara Loren


Cara Loren Van Brocklin of Cara Loren is the girl next door with a fashion sixth sense. The mother of two from the United States began blog to drive home the message that comfort and style can go hand-in-hand, and she walks her talk in gorgeous pieces that exude simplicity and free-spiritedness.

A simple orange dress paired with a plain grey jacket, for example. Or an evergreen jumpsuit for ease of wear and her “crazy mom” outfit of a basic sweatshirt with jeans. Like all good photographs, those on Cara’s blog are beautifully styled but hardly contrived thanks to flyaway hair, big unabashed grins and happy kids.


The Style Gallivanter


Image credit: Andrew Kibuka


Bold and audacious. That just about sums up Miranda Seakgosing, the the brains and glamour behind The Style Gallivanter, who has carved her niche in the land of brilliant hues and daring accessories.

Every single post is gloriously startling in its explosion of colour and contrast. Whatever you could never imagine pairing, Miranda has already done, and with great aplomb too. A mother of one who now calls Australia home, Miranda also has a contemporary clothing label that marries African and Western trends. It is her way of balancing the two different worlds.


Who are your favourite blogger mums? Tell us in the comments below!


Main image credit: Cara Loren

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