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Six Luxury Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day


That time of year is coming around once again. Those of us who possess remarkable planning skills would have already bought and wrapped the perfect gift with a bow on top. The rest of us are either still deliberating among a few good options or hoping to be struck by a bolt of inspiration at some point next week.

Whether or not you already have a gift in mind for your mother, here are a few ideas that will hopefully spark further ideas. After all, there is no rule against more than one gift for Mother’s Day!


#1. Ricky Bag With Light

Ricky Bag

This gorgeous calfskin bag with rose-gold-plated brass buckles is a godsend for any woman who carries more than cash, a phone and keys on her. Not only for its roominess but also for its interior that features four LED lights and an integrated USB port. Your mother will never have to scrabble around for her keys again nor will she ever be unreachable.


#2. Armand Diradourian Throw


Cashmere Throw

Whether she chooses to casually toss it over the sofa or wrap herself in it, this luxury cashmere throw could be the highlight of winter for your mother. Created by traditional hand weavers and knitting masters in the Himalayas, the rich hues and quality yarns will make this gorgeous piece part of your family home for years to come.


#3. The Cool Hunter Bespoke Gift Box




Perhaps you want to give your mother an assortment of bespoke, handpicked gifts that she can use for different areas of her life. The only problem is that you just do not have the time to put it together yourself. The solution? Outsource it to The Cool Hunter. Choose from pre-curated boxes or simply select a few luxury items from its catalogue.

Note: Our Mother’s Day competition to win a luxury gift box ended at 12 noon on Monday May 2, 2016. 


#4. Twister Spitfire Cocktail Shaker

Thomas Lyte

A true cocktail enthusiast can never have too many cocktail shakers and this Thomas Lyte design will be the pride of your mother’s collection. Crafted from a single sheet of metal for the exclusive Twisted Spitfire range, it can either be put to good use in shaking up a personal cocktail creation or flaunted on the bar as an art piece.

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#5. Louis Vuitton Monogram Beauty Case

Louis Vuitton Monogram

Any woman who takes her beauty regime seriously will deeply appreciate this monogram beauty case. With golden brass corners, a secure S-lock and washable lining, the pleasure your mother derives from her beauty routine will begin with the opening snap of the case. Plus, it can even double up as a chic carry-on during her travels.


#6. Bespoke Perfume




If your mother has been repeatedly complimented on her beautiful fragrances then it is time she had one made especially for her. Set her a date with a master perfumer who will create for her a perfume reminiscent of her cherished memories and unique personality. This is a gift that will be the talk of every room she walks into.

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Image credit: Luulla


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