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Six Luxury Baby Carriers That Are Stylishly Snug


There is nothing quite as delicious for a mother than feeling her baby’s warmth against her body and sweet smell right beneath her nose. And that is the joy of a baby carrier. Its other boon, of course, is that it leaves your hands free to go about your daily routine.

Like almost everything else, baby carriers have also been touched by the hand of innovation be it in ergonomics, material or design. Here are six luxury baby carriers that will raise the style bar without compromising on safety and comfort.


Budu Baby Carrier


Image credit: Budu


Luxuriously soft and stylish, the Budu Baby Carrier is a dream carrier for you and your baby. The bamboo fabric is breathable, absorbent and anti-bacterial with a lining that can be easily removed. There is also a cleverly hidden zip pocket to stash small belongings. Your baby will already be learning how to travel in both comfort and style.


Ergobaby Four Position 360 Bundle of Joy


Four Position 360 Bundle of Joy  by Ergobaby
Image credit: Babes In Arms


The Ergobaby Four Position 360 Bundle of Joy may be a mouthful but Babes In Arms is not taking any short cuts with its gold class carrier. Coupled with an infant insert, the carrier boasts the best baby-wearing ergonomics in any position and even has an SPF 50+ hood for discreet breastfeeding. Better yet, it is designed to follow your child from newborn to toddler.


Lambini Papoose


Image credit: Lambini Baby


The gorgeous Lambini Papoose was designed after an Australian mother could not find a carrier that complemented her style. Like her baby, yours too will revel in the incredibly soft lambwool that keeps cool in summer and retains warmth in winter.


Java Lite Silk Baby Sling


Java Lite baby sling by Zolowear
Image credit: Zolowear


The exquisite Java Lite Silk Baby Sling by Zolowear makes for an elegant wrap around you and your baby. A patch pocket holds small belongings and the sling is machine washable in case of little accidents. This sling is a fashion accessory in itself and will add a touch of glamour to the most basic of outfits.

And if you need a little practice threading a sling, this video will give you a helping hand:




West of The Fourth Signature


Baby Sling by Frangipani
Image credit: Frangipani Baby


Keep your little one super snug in the West of The Fourth Signature in merino wool, a stunning piece of artistry by Frangipani Baby. These pieces are meticulously hand-woven in 100% cotton and available in limited numbers.


Peanut Shell Wrap Carrier


Baby Sling
Image credit: The Peanut Shell


Mix beautiful prints, embroidery and appliques, and you have the Peanut Shell Wrap Carrier cotton knit. It lives up to its promise of fashion and function by evenly distributing your baby’s weight over your shoulders and back, without any discomfort to either of you.


Main image credit: Babes In Arms

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