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Six Driving Shoes To Enhance Your Driving Experience

Driving Shoes

Whether it is deftly navigating through suburban traffic in a sedan or cruising down an open road in a convertible, driving has become second nature to most of us. And while some of us approach it as a daily necessity, others revel in turning it into a proper experience.

The main contributor to a great driving experience is obviously the car itself. Then come the other small personal details that include the right driving footwear. The right pair of shoes not only enhances your driving skills but also protects your feet. The wrong pair, on the other hand, will rob you of any enjoyment behind the wheel.

Roxanne Saba, the President of Porsche Club New South Wales, can attest to this. As a road and track driver, she is uncompromising where driving footwear is concerned.

“It is so important to have shoes that are comfortable and that allow you to feel the pedal pressure,” she said. “I highly recommend flat shoes with a light rubber sole as leather soles tend to slip on the clutch and brake pedals.”

“This is especially important if you have small feet and are driving a manual car because the distance between the pedals and the floor in most cars is designed for the average male-sized foot. This makes using the clutch a challenge so your shoes must have good grip.”

There are two key rules for any driving shoe. One is that your heel must be able to rest on the car floor and two, is that its soles must be no thicker than 4mm. Both these factors will help you accurately gauge pedal pressure and prevent unnecessary ankle pressure.

Also look for pebbled soles that extend up the back of the shoe and that are soft enough to allow the foot to maneuver easily while driving. Avoid wide soles that could cause you to accidentally step on two pedals simultaneously.

And remember to check the sole tread to ensure it will have good grip during sunny and rainy weather. If you have bought the shoes and are not sure of the grip, wipe off wet soles before you start driving.

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Style Guide

The good news is that style is given just as much attention as function in the design of driving shoes. Moccasins are a classic example. Here are six stylish options to include as part of your daily wardrobe.

Tod's Gommino Driving Shoes


Tod’s range of Gommino Driving Shoes comes in a gorgeous selection of colours, patterns and textures. Whether you choose suede, calfskin or leather, each shoe is fitted with the iconic rubber pebble outsole for maximum control and comfort.

Walnut Melbourne Driving Loafer

Walnut Melbourne’s classic driving loafer blends old school style with modern comfort in a durable leather with padded insoles and a non-slip rubber outsole. The eye-catching tassel takes it a step up in style.

Ferragamo Gianco Bit Driver

Ferragamo’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection includes the Gancio Bit Driver, a patent moccasin designed in Italy and featuring the double Gancio bit at the front. Its heel is raised to 1cm, which is the maximum height for any driving shoe.

Cole Haan

Cole Haan has designed a driving moccasin with the modern woman in mind. The Women’s Grant Driver is lined in leather with a padded sock lining and a flexible rubber island pod outsole, this shoe is made for road trips and weekend getaways.

Bally Lien Loafer Rosehaze

Bally has recently refined its driving shoe range by applying the signature Grip Stud icon as individual rubber grips to create a new innovation of the split sole. The supple pink suede is finished with a woven lace for that extra touch of European chic.


And if you ever plan on driving on snow and ice, Roxanne recommends the fur-lined German-made Ara GORE-Tex boots that are light enough for driving, snow proof and chic enough for daily use.


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