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Six Beautiful Winter Blooms To Brighten Your Home

winter flowers at home


“Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.”


So said environmentalist Luther Burbank, and he was right. Flowers, in their fullness of life and vibrancy, have the ability to create another dimension of lushness to even the most beautiful homes. Cool-season flowers are gorgeous splashes of colour against a winter palette of cool greys and icy blues. Most of these blooms are hardy and enjoy a long lifespan indoors so go on and fill your home with their beauty and fragrance.


To get you started, Buds & Bowers share their tips for pulling together a perfect bouquet for your home.


Camellia Japonica

The queen of winter flowers (below) and possibly the best-loved winter bloomer, the camellia japonica can always be relied on to chase away the gloom and grey. Its pleated petals exude old-world glamour and it looks loveliest in a float bowl.


Image credit: Kenji Oka




The hellebore may appear unassuming but expect the unexpected with this one. Also known as the winter rose and hailed as the brightest of winter blooms, its pure white petals studded with spots of red, purple, pink or green look stunning in a vase or float bowl. And they last forever.


Iceland Poppies

If you know someone who was wise enough to plant Iceland poppies (below) in March, then ask for a handful of these delicate thin-stemmed blooms for your home. No matter what the weather outside, you will not be able to glance at these bursts of yellow, pink, red or gold without smiling.


Image Credit: Amy


Luculia Pinceana

Also known as the pink spice, the luculia pinceana is an evergreen shrub that originated from Nepal. It boasts exquisite clusters of rose pink hydrangea-like flowers with a wonderful, spicy fragrance powerful enough to fill the entire house. Crush the stems to keep them lasting longer in a vase.


Daphne Odora

Greek mythology has it that a nymph named Daphne was turned into this gloriously scented flower (below). Usually creamy with pinkish hints, she now also makes an appearance in pure white, creamy yellow and deep pink. Pick a posy rather than a long-stemmed bunch to place in your favourite part of the house.


Daphne Odora
Image credit: Henry Hemming



The daisy-like calendulas offer themselves in classic oranges and brilliant yellows or subtler hues of apricots, creams and soft yellows. In a vase, they are a beautiful mass of long-lasting colour that will make any minimalist décor pop.


What blooms are brightening up your home this winter? Tell us in the comments below!

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