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The Most Shocking Fashion Moments

Fashion has had its fair share of memorable moments from runway falls to faux pas. But some of the most shocking moments of all time have completely changed the face of fashion and remain the talk of the town today.


Chanel’s LBD

Before the 1920s, black was only acceptable to be worn during times of mourning. But after Chanel created her Little Black Dress and it was published on the pages of Vogue magazine, it became socially acceptable to be worn for any occasion.  Then every fashion designer created his or her own version of the dress and it became a staple in every woman’s wardrobe.


Vikki Dougan’s Sexy Back

Risqué model and actress Vikki Dougan is most famous for wearing daring backless dresses throughout the 1950s. Her publicist at the time commissioned a series of low-cut backless dresses to contrast the fashion of the time for models and actresses with large bosoms.


The plunging design of the dress left little to the imagination with some dresses even showing off the top of her derriere. Unsurprisingly the dresses received much media exposure, especially after she was thrown out of a Hollywood party for attracting too much attention.


Jean Shrimpton’s Mini

In 1965 crowds gathered at Australia’s largest and most prestigious sporting event, the Melbourne Cup Carnival, but all eyes weren’t on the horses, they were fixated on the most shocking outfit that had ever stepped onto the track. 22 year old British model, Jean Shrimpton, arrived at Derby Day wearing a mini dress five inches above the knee, with no hat, no stocking or gloves with crowds gasping.


At the time women didn’t leave the house without wearing or hat or in a dress so scandalously short, but Jean’s racy dresses sparked a fashion movement and defined the 1960s.  One year later, The Age reported “Last year’s controversial Miss Shrimpton would have passed unnoticed in the crowd this year. Anyone with hemlines below the knee looked very ‘old hat’.”

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