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Shape Up

“Your eyebrows frame the window to your soul (your eyes), their shape is very important” says Carmen Duma, The Eyebrow Queen, who has been shaping Melbourne brows for over 20 years. So why do so many of us neglect our brows?

When it comes to shaping and maintaining eyebrows, there are many choices – tweezing, waxing, threading and tattooing, just to name a few.  Award winning make-up artist, Elissa Gia says “The brow has seen a continuous evolution in the more masculine, low and full brow shape for 2013. Brows are full, thick and heavy.” So where does that leave those of us that were not blessed with bushy brows?

Here we explore five options for achieving (getting closer to) the perfect brow.

1 – Tweezing

Plucking is a cheap do-it-yourself option, but it can be tricky.  Which hairs do you pluck, and which do you leave?  It’s always tempting to pluck just one more hair on the right, and then balance it with yet another on the left and before you know it, you’ve gone overboard. Unless you have a beautifully defined brow line, tweezing is probably best for quick tidy-ups, in-between professional treatments.

2 – Waxing

Waxing is possibly the most popular form of brow shaping.  It’s a quick procedure and can last up to a few weeks.  However, there can be some pain or discomfort involved. There are some excellent do-it-yourself kits, but self-waxing gone wrong can be a disaster. We think professional waxing is the smarter way to go. Prices start from $25.

3 – Threading

Threading is a popular method of hair removal in Arabic countries for centuries, threading slowly becoming more commonplace in the western world. Threading uses a specially designed piece of cotton that is twisted and rolled over the unwanted eyebrow hairs, removing them from the follicle. Unlike plucking individual hairs, threading can remove short, accurate lines of hair in one go.  For this reason, it can be more precise than waxing.  Pain levels are similar to waxing. Prices start from $30.

4 – Tattooing

Cosmetic tattooing is definitely the most expensive option, but it’s a long-term solution.  For those whose eyebrows are sparse and fine, or simply refuse to grow back, tattooing will ensure you’ll never have to pencil your brows again. Prices start from $480.

5 – Brush-on Brows

If you don’t want the expense of a salon visit to maintain your brows, try a brush-on brow kit. These kits include a brow brush and powder palette; some include a stencil set to achieve the desired shape. Simply choose a shade slightly darker than your natural colour and fill in the brow. It’s an easy at home option. Ellie Make-Up Brush-On Brows are priced at $34.

Top tips from Carmen Duma

  • Eyebrows that give the impression of one continuous brow can make the face look angry or sad.
  • Eyebrows that have been over plucked on the inner half may convey a surprised look.
  • The arch should always be towards the end of the eyebrows, not in the middle or close to the front.
  • Those with a large forehead should arch eyebrows a little higher, while those with wide faces should leave eyebrows closer to the middle.
  • Eyebrows that are too far apart can make a wide face look wider.
  • Lengthening the face can be achieved by heightening the brow arch and exposing more of the brow bone.


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