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Shades of Grey

Can you imagine landing yourself a modeling career at the age of 60? Or better yet, 80 or 90?  When you think of models the first thing to generally come to mind are young, fresh-faced, genetically blessed women, with striking features and legs that go on for days, certainly not flowing locks of grey hair.


There is a new trend emerging with many popular fashion brands using models over the age of 60 in their campaigns.  Jacky O’Shaughnessy is relatively new to the modeling world, having started her new career in 2011 with American Apparel, an LA-based clothing giant.  She has been featured in a number of sportswear campaigns for the brand since.  Jacky is 6 feet tall and has long flowing hair that would make a mermaid jealous.  It may also be worth mentioning that Jacky is 62 years old.


American Apparel shocked the world with its latest lingerie campaign and has proved that ageing gracefully is a beautiful thing.  Instead of featuring the typical, Victoria Secret model-esque fresh young face, they chose Jacky as their leading lady, wearing nothing but a bandeau bra and underwear.  And she looks fabulous!


This isn’t the first time however that we’ve seen a mature aged model in a fashion shoot.  New Zealand designer Karen Walker is a big fan of casting seniors in her sunglasses campaigns; preferring women aged between 65 and 92 years old.


These women certainly make for great models, working their vintage flair and sophisticated charm in front of the camera, showing any young catwalk model how it’s done.  Karen Walker enlisted the help of New York photographer, Ari Seth Cohen to shoot the women in their own homes against vibrant wallpaper backdrops.


Glitter-embellished glasses, statement shades, neon colours or even feather boas would be difficult for any stylish woman to pull off, but these remarkable women pull off every piece with ease and carry themselves with such elegance.


It’s very inspiring to see designers trying something different than the usual perfect pouting model.  These women with drive certainly prove that sexy has no expiration date.


Images: Karen Walker

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