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Seven Basic Rules Of Parisian Chic

Parisian Chic

What is it about Parisian chic that commands such intrigue and even obsession from women around the world? Is it the effortlessness and simplicity of its glamour? Or is it the self-assuredness of the woman in those clothes? It could well be both but the root of Parisian chic lies in minimalism and, as contrived as it sounds, being yourself.

“French women do not fuss a lot,” said Caroline Maigret, French model and author of How To Be Parisian. “My own style is jeans and T-shirts. Chic means clothes that suit your body shape and not trying too hard.”

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So here are woman with drive’s seven basic rules of Parisian chic, which is by no means exhaustive, but a good place to get you started!


#1: Keep your outfits simple…

The rule of simplicity is to flirt on the edge of being basic but never uninspiring. Keep your outfits uncomplicated but interesting with a hint of sensuality. A monochrome dress with a plunging back or a black top that exposes just one shoulder will make a bigger impact than a dressy outfit. Even the casual boyfriend jeans with its unfussy cuffs fit the bill.

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The simplicity rule also extends to colour and a typical Parisian wardrobe is an unsurprisingly muted palette of black, navy, white and beige. This may seem dull if you do not know that the secret of a monochromatic wardrobe is in the perfectly fitted pieces. We are talking shirtsleeves that hit the wrist bone, T-shirts that slouch and stretch in the right places and a tailored black jacket that discreetly nips in at the waist.


#2: …And your adornments simpler

Take a more subtle approach to accessories by choosing a delicate gold bar necklace or a simple ring over bold, chunky designs. Plainness is perfection, in this instance. The significance and value of each piece should lie in its story rather than its price tag.


#3: Show off your real skin

Good skin is incredibly important to Parisian women who have more creams and serums than they do make-up. Clean your skin deeply even if you went barefaced the entire day. Then let your skin shine through by skipping the foundation and using a concealer instead for a more natural look.

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#4: Use a light hand on your make-up

Either accent your eyes or mouth; never both at the same time. And always use mascara to elevate the chic factor. For fresher lips, a gloss without glitter will go a long way. But if you need a blast of colour, go bold with a fire engine-red lipstick to offset your monochromatic outfit.


#5: Throw On A Motorcycle Jacket or A Trench Coat

Forget cute jackets that cinch at the waist and shrug on a motorcycle jacket instead. Black leather is evergreen but chocolate and even burgundy are known to also elicit sighs of envy. Meanwhile, nothing quite says “classic” like the trench coat. Considered an investment piece by many, this coat’s structure, clean lines and tailored look is the epitome of Parisian style.


#6: Wear ankle boots or chic flats

Paris’ cobblestone streets can be charming but are also an obstacle course for feet in pencil-thin heels. French women get around this inconvenience with stylish ankle boots and chic flats – again, in a muted tone. And they are perfectly comfortable pairing either with denim jeans or a pretty dress.


#7: The Neck Scarf

The quintessential addition for an unexpected burst of colour against the monochrome backdrop that is your outfit. A silk scarf holds charm and feminine flair but be careful to choose one that makes a statement rather than overpower your entire outfit.

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