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Scarlett O’Hara’s chair

Christopher Guy furniture is not for the faint-hearted. Described as creators of the world’s most fabulous furnishings and designed by Christopher Guy Harrison, the range is best known for oversized Alice in Wonderland chairs and theatrical beds. Pieces are featured in hotels such as The Savoy in London, The Beverley Wilshire, The Bellagio Las Vegas and several Ritz Carltons.

However it’s his classic and patented design, the Chris X Chair (pronounced Chris Cross) that is becoming a style icon. Hand carved using solid timbers, the X design is used in a number of furniture pieces from dining chairs to chaise lounges.

In 1999, the British born designer built a one million square foot workshop complex in Java in order to accommodate the 1,400 carvers, woodcarvers and specialist finishers that craft his designs.

The X design was inspired by “Gone With The Wind” heroine Scarlett O’Hara’s thin corseted waist and strong shoulders. Christopher wanted the design to be very flexible so he could use it in a number of furniture pieces and create a signature look.

According to Christopher, originality in design is achieved via mastery of materials and an attention to detail derived from European and Asian Craftsmanship, all infused with innate simplicity.

“The finest and most enduring designs tend to be simple,” he says. “French furniture designers of the thirties and forties understood this and their creations are still highly sought after today.”

Christopher is very serious about the importance of furniture design. “In every culture, decorative heirlooms define a nation much the same way as its poets and writers do … or at least did,” he says. “Furnishings were the last in a line of cultural elements from architecture to fashion to gain international identity. Elegance, sophistication and grace have always transcended cultural boundaries; the objective has been to transfer this into distinct decorative furnishings,” said Christopher.

In Australia the range is sold through Robertson’s Furniture & Design in Melbourne and the Gold Coast. Managing Director Ken Robertson is one of Australia’s most knowledgeable experts in luxury furniture and a close associate of Christopher. According to Ken, Christopher is a man with a vision and driven to ensure that Christopher Guy produces the best luxury furniture in the world and is passionate about attention to detail, care in production of each piece and even the extent they go to in packaging.

“Our customers love this product as it’s theatrical, beautifully made and is “light of heart”. I think it suits the Australian market because it makes you smile when you own a piece. It makes you happy. The design in application is beautiful and sensual. We personally just love it,” he said.

“Chris is introducing a concept called CG Lab’s and we will be rolling them out in Australia. They are small high tech design centres where you get pick from all of the extensive collection of furniture, art, and lighting and combine them with wonderful new fabrics. It lets you play in the creation of interior spaces,” said Ken.


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