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Redefining The Traditional Power Suit

Power Suit

It was not too long ago that women in high-ranking corporate positions were defining their work wardrobe and even their professional status by the power suit they wore. It was hardly surprising, since the power suit was believed to command the authority and respect that are expected in such esteemed positions.

And because these high-flying women were adamant to be recognised for their merit rather than their appearance, they chose power suits that were plain, neutral-toned and with little or no detailing. In other words, unflattering and forgettable.

Thankfully, this began to change as professional women started making strides in the corporate world. As they reexamined their roles and leadership styles, so did they reassess their choice of work attire. For starters, they have stopped looking to society for cues on what to wear and what not to wear.

While they do not want to come across as timid, neither do they want to exude the aggressiveness that comes from wearing a traditional power suit. Thus the suit has become less favoured as a daily work outfit and is slowly being replaced by a fresher, modern and redefined version.

Rather than its former structured design, the new version of the power suit comes in brighter, shinier fabrics with a variety of cuts, styles and lengths. Quite often, it is also paired with soft, delicate fabric, like a chiffon blouse or a silk camisole, instead of a shirt for a more feminine touch.

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But the greatest shift to the power suit involves redefining its definition all together! Many professional women are now trading the two-piece suit for sharp dresses, skirts, blouses and beautifully tailored jumpsuits. These have become the new power suits of today, and we have fashion designers like Diane von Furstenberg, Michael Kors, Carla Zampatti and Donna Karan to thank for this significant shift.

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Today’s professional woman makes it a priority to wear clothes that give her confidence, pleasure, comfort and uniqueness. She has a vast number of looks and outfits courtesy of a capsule wardrobe that she has been building over time and which may no longer feature a traditional power suit.

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This allows her the freedom and creativity to dress for the boardroom then confidently rework that same look for an evening social engagement with a simple swap of shoes, lipstick and handbag. So if you are still clutching on to your power suit, it is time you let it go and created your own personal power look!


Image credit: Lyst


Christine Maikuosis Style You ChicChristine Maikousis is a certified personal stylist and the director of Style You Chic. She believes that confidence is greatly influenced by one’s appearance and has made it her mission to guide women towards discovering a style that works beautifully for each of them.



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