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Red Carpet Ready

By Sonia Kruger

I’ve done my fair share of red carpets over the years and I think I’ve finally learnt a few fail-safe tips that will certainly come in handy for any special event you’re invited to.

Picking a winning look

Deciding what to wear to a red carpet event is tricky.  Always consider the time of year, so you look appropriate for the season.  Will you need sleeves or is a backless gown going to keep you cool?

When it comes to colour choices, you want your gown to stand out on the carpet, and surprisingly not all red carpets are red!  Despite some opinions, red on the red carpet can work.

Gown length?  Some events don’t warrant a dramatic train and you might be tripping over it all night but for serious high wattage glamour a train gives a beautiful silhouette.


Hollywood hair and make-up

Hair and make-up is extremely important to finish the look. There has been a shift away from ‘special event hair’ to a more relaxed, undone look.  Hair that’s too lacquered or stiff can be ageing so keep it as soft and beautiful as you can.

You can definitely have some fun with your make-up depending on whether you want a smoky eye or a red lip but amp it up either way to avoid looking washed out.


Should you fake tan?

Fake tan is a no go zone. No matter how good it is the colour will always look slightly artificial. Try a body make-up instead like Mac face and body and add a little shimmer. You’ll sparkle all the way down the red carpet like the diamond you are.


Taking the perfect picture

For the best possible photo angle, move your body away from the camera and put one hand on your hip.  Some people can do the sexy non-smile…I just look silly when I try it!  A good tip though is to put your tongue behind your top teeth and it will give you a Hollywood smile…as opposed to looking like a Cheshire Cat.


The eating etiquette

When it comes to eating and drinking at an event it’s best to keep it light for both.  You don’t want to end up in a carb coma falling asleep at the table but by the same token it’s best to have something in your stomach to counteract the effects of the champagne. If it’s finger food on offer then choose pieces you can pop straight into your mouth, otherwise juggling a bag, a drink and food can be very awkward.

Drink some water and always take your makeup off completely before bed and always take a Swisse Ultivite + Energy tablet first thing in the morning so you wake up feeling semi human… Dermalogica does a great pre cleanse oil which is brilliant for removing everything including stubborn eyelash glue.

Now you know all my secrets for getting ready for the red carpet so hopefully you have all the tools to top the best-dressed list.

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