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Quick Beauty Tips For New Mothers

new mother

Nine months into life as a new mother and I am still learning so much. While my life focus has naturally shifted to my gorgeous baby girl, I find that self-care is still important especially with the limited time I have. So here are my quick beauty tips for new mothers.


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Dry Shampoo

Most new mothers learn to shower in about three minutes flat so forget about shampooing and conditioning your hair. Dry shampoo or volume powder will be your go to product. One of the best is Sachajuan Volume Powder, which also comes in a darker shade for deep blondes and brunettes. Hot tip – use it on your roots if you have not had time for a colour or if the greys are starting to show.


Perk up your peepers

Your sleep patterns as a new mother will be all over the shop but you can help that delicate under eye area by giving it some hydration. Here is where eye cream comes in. Not sure about all of you but I do not want to spend $400 on an eye cream! Price is less important than being diligent and applying the cream both in morning and night. For great value and results give the Swisse Anti Ageing Eye Cream a go. Your sleepless peepers will thank you for it!


Regain “the glow”

One of the most magical things that happens during pregnancy is “the glow”. Hair is thick, nails are strong and skin becomes luminescent. After your baby is born, however, it is a different story. Taking a supplement like Swisse Hair Skin Nails is a great start for the inside but you might also need some help on the outside.

Having worked with enough professional makeup artists, I know I could always use a primer, concealer and foundation to even out my blotchy reddish skin tone but who has time for that?  So this is what I do now – shower and apply Curtis Collection by Victoria’s Naked Glow CC Cream. I have no idea how this little cream works its magic but it colour corrects my complexion. The added bonus is its broad spectrum SPF 20. Use it every day.


Open your eyes

A fabulous makeup artist once told me to “never waste a lash”. Mascara widens the eyes and makes you look awake but not all mascaras are created equal. For the best low budget option try the Max Factor Masterpiece Max. It has a great brush and does not dry out or flake. If you want to splurge though you cannot go past Dior Show Mascara for luxe lengthening.


Pucker up

The last thing I always do is apply a beautiful tinted lip balm. It is conditioning for the lips and gives me a hint of colour plus sun protection.  Blistex, Lanolips and Clinique Chubby Sticks are all great options, so pucker up ladies and you are done in no time!

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