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Puppy Love

We all know the phrase ‘man’s best friend’, but aren’t we forgetting about a woman’s best friend? Women can certainly love their pooch just as easily as their partner can, so I think it’s time for this phrase to catch-on.


There are so many reasons why dogs can be a woman’s best friend, and here are a few of them: they always give unconditional love; they will stand by you in the good times and the bad; they’re always happy to spend time together and most importantly, they never talk back to you or get annoyed.


I’ve had my dog Fergie since she was a tiny puppy and despite all the ups and down in my life, she has been one constant ray of sunshine. asked me for a few tips on caring for your pet and balancing a busy schedule.


How do you manage to look after Fergie with such a busy work schedule?


It’s important to always make sure you schedule time for your pet.  Get up a little earlier to take them for a walk before work.  A tired puppy is usually a sleepy puppy and that’s what you want while you’re at work.  Another walk when you get home is a good way for the two of you to spend time together and get some exercise at the same time.  On occasion I take Fergie to work with me.  She’s more than happy to hang out in the studio and see all her friends on the Mornings crew.  Dogs are fantastic de-stressors at work if you’re allowed to have them there!


How do you manage travelling with Fergie?


Luckily my partner Craig is usually home when I travel so he takes care of Fergie.  When he travels though, I have a friend who comes to our house and dog sits.  She is part of the family and Fergie adores her so that takes the worry of not being there out of the equation.


Here’s a tough one, how do you balance time spent with Fergie vs partner?


I like to combine time spent with my partner Craig and time spent with Fergie.  (Killing two birds with one stone I guess you’d say)  On the weekends we travel as a trio.  We’ll go for a long walk first and then take a drive. Fergie loves to jump in the car and cruise to the beach.


Do you have any advice for prospective pet owners?


Owning a pet is essentially like adopting a new family member. They need lots of love, attention and constant supervision. It’s a big responsibility but one that comes with so many rewards.


And of course, what does Fergie think of your Porsche?


Fergie absolutely loves the Porsche.  The Boxster is the perfect car for her to easily get in and out of.  Nothing makes her happier than riding next to me, so when Fergie is in the car, friends can expect to get a taxi. She’s also quite fond of the heated seats!


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