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Premium skincare road test #2

Premium anti-aging skin care products make big claims and are often very expensive – so at woman with drive, we decided to road test some of the most talked about luxe regimes.


Our road test of Perricone MD was disappointing, so it was with hope and courage that we invested over $950 in the French luxury skincare brand, Chantecaille. This range has enjoyed excellent reviews and was highly recommended by the sales assistant at Mecca Cosmetica. The range uses sophisticated, technologically and botanically advanced based formulas that integrate Chinese medicine, aromatherapy and flower pharmacology. Celebrity fans include evergreen fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg.


So to recap on my particular skin type and conditions, I am your typical 46-year-old woman. I have a few sun spots that seem to be getting darker, some red spots on my cheeks (broken capillaries), dark circles under my eyes and wrinkles developing around my lips, eyes and forehead.


The range recommended for my skin type and to be used twice daily for six months was:


–  Flower Infused Cleansing Milk $88

–  Vital Essence with Arbutin $165

–  Biodynamic Lifting Crème $448

–  Stress Repair Concentrate $258


Using the cleansing milk in the morning was very pleasant as the milk is light and leaves the face feeling fresh and not taught or dry. In the evening, the milk was not enough to remove all my make-up, so I did use eye make-up remover prior to washing my face with the cleansing milk.


The stress repair concentrate I used under the eyes, around the eyelids and also over my top lip (where wrinkles are starting to show). I only needed to use a tiny amount of concentrate for each application and it applied very smoothly and didn’t leave any greasy residue that can sometimes occur with eye creams.


The Vital Essence is a serum and one press of the pump gave me enough to cover my entire face. My skin felt smooth and fresh with almost no residue. This felt a little strange as I’m used to finishing my morning routine with a moisturiser prior to applying foundation. However on mornings I felt a little dry, I would use a small amount of the Biodynamic Lifting Cream for extra moisture.


In the evenings I completed the same routine but included a full amount of the Lifting Cream to finish the regime. This cream is smooth and silky with a wonderful fragrance that was perfect for before-bed.


The range feels luxurious and a dream to apply. My skin certainly feels soft and supple and I still have plenty of product left – even after six months (although the stress repair concentrate was finished in three).


However, like before, I was left disappointed with the results. We are still to find a product that delivers on its promise of reducing wrinkles, long term. Dark spots also appear unchanged. I think there is a slight reduction in red cheek spots, but it is ever so slight.


While the staff at Mecca Cosmetica are friendly, knowledgeable and diligent, I felt in this instance that the younger staff may have lacked age-appropriate experience. Perhaps only women who have tried and tested knowledge should present themselves as an authority when it comes to age-related skincare treatment?


If you have a skincare range that has made a difference to the ‘visible signs of ageing’, please let us know. For now, we remain on the lookout for products that deliver on this promise.


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