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Porsche Macan

MACAN. The Indonesian word for Tiger; powerful and ready to pounce at any time, yet light footed and tenacious on off road terrain. Already this car has sex appeal.


Porsche has just released the latest addition to the Porsche family, the all-new Porsche Macan. We think this is a new Porsche perfect for the woman with drive and it will be the first sportscar in the compact SUV segment.

Having the DNA of all Porsche vehicles, its sportiness will not only be recognisable in its driving capabilities but also in its design. It has a flat and broad profile on the road; the wraparound bonnet and gently sloping roofline accentuate the overall impression of sporty elegance and powerful dynamics.

They will be on sale from mid 2014, so watch this space for pricing. We have a feeling it will be more affordable than we think!

As you can tell by the images, the front of the car screams Porsche. It has those fierce and hungry looking lights, which give all Porsches such presence on the road. The back of the car brings in the sleek, narrow lights from the new 911, but makes sure the proportions of light to car are still spot on.

We can’t give you a report on how the car drives, it was literally only revealed an hour ago, but I think we can safely assume that it will drive like a Porsche sports car.

The driver and passenger seats feature the low position typical of sports cars, the interior carrying over the cockpit feel that encompasses the driver and makes them feel like Mark Webber himself.

For those that think the Cayenne is just that little bit too big, bit too hard to park and drive in big city traffic, the Macan will solve your problems. You want a sports car on the weekends, but you still need 5 seats, a boot, and hey lets face it, sitting a little higher than most others on the road is a good feeling! Kids seats? Not a problem!

Next year you will first see the Macan S, Macan S Diesel, and the Macan Turbo. As the name suggests the Macan Turbo will be THE most powerful compact SUV sprinting from 0-100km/h in 4.8 seconds. That will leave most cars lagging behind as soon as the light goes green.

All Macan models will come standard with all-wheel drive, PDK (Porsche version of an automatic gear box – but you can still drive it as a manual), a multi-function sport steering wheel with shift paddles, large wheels, and… oh the list is endless.

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