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Paris Hilton: From Reality TV Star To Real Life Entrepreneur

paris hilton

Paris Hilton might have made a name for herself as a TV star in The Simple Life in 2003 but she has since done plenty to trim the tabloid fodder and refocus her energy on building her business empire, expanding her fragrance line and rolling out eponymous boutique hotels across the world.

woman with drive met with Paris during her recent visit to Melbourne and learns that the great granddaughter of hotelier, Conrad Hilton, is just as driven to succeed.


You have already written two best selling books. What else is on the way?
I am actually writing three books at the moment. One book is about building a brand and being a successful businesswoman. It is for anybody who wants to hear my story.

My second book is on the dating world and how to date, according to Paris. And finally, I get spiritual with my third book. It is about self-awareness, embracing the here and now, and being aware of how what you do every day shapes your future.


Have you always been entrepreneurially minded?
Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to build my own brand. I have been doing exactly that for the past two decades. My travelling inspires me to chase new dreams, find new projects and launch a range of products. I do not take my position or anything for granted. It is all hard work and it is about being 100 per cent committed.


You have just launched your 20th fragrance, Gold Rush. What does the perfume say about you?
My perfumes are my way of bringing people into my life and what I am going through. This fragrance captures a woman who is in control, mature, elegant, sophisticated and romantic.


Who are the women in business that you admire?
Elizabeth Taylor was married to Conrad Hilton Jr. She is part of our family history and I have loved her ever since I was a little girl. I admired the way she dressed, the way she spoke and how she managed her career and image in the spotlight. And she made beautiful perfumes that people loved.

I also admire Oprah because she represents a strong and intelligent woman. The brand she has built is all about her work ethic. Madonna is another legend and icon. She is always changing it up and is eternally beautiful. And she is a smart businesswoman.


How do you feel about being a role model to young women?
I love that I can inspire young women to be independent and make something of themselves. All your dreams can come true with determination and passion.


What has kept you focused on pursuing your dreams?
Having so many different interests, from real estate to perfume, mixes it up for me and keeps my work interesting. In the past 10 years, I have grown as a person and experienced so much. I do not even feel like the same person anymore.

People often see me at parties and assume I want the party life. What they do not realise is I am often attending launches and parties because I am paid to be there to promote a product. I am not there just to have fun.


What has been the best advice from your father and grandfather?
The men in my family always give me the best advice. I respect them so much and I do not make any decision unless I talk to them first. They are brilliant at what they do and I trust them more than anyone else.

They both instilled in me a good work ethic. I see so many kids from privileged backgrounds whose families never tell them to work. They live on allowances their whole life. Ever since I was a teenager, my parents taught me the importance of working hard. They taught me to remain humble and always be the person you are.


Tell us about your charity work.
I am always interested in any charity where I can see the money going directly to those who need it. I am hands on and do a lot of charity work myself. I funded part of the children’s cancer wing at the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital and I visit all the time.

I also go to homeless shelters and bring presents at Christmas. I visit orphanages and also help pet shelters. God has blessed me in so many ways that I feel it is my duty to give back and help others.


How do you spend your downtime?
I never disconnect from the business world. I love what I do. I have great mentors in my family and they inspire me to keep working hard. I would be bored doing nothing because I am a workaholic.


What is next for you?
What many people do not know is that I am a huge technology geek. I am obsessed with anything new in technology from apps to gadgets. For the past two years I have been involved in projects from Silicon Valley and China – some that are innovative game changers.

I cannot say too much but these are things people have not seen in the virtual reality world. They are part of the next generation social networks. I am also developing new apps that fashion, beauty and lifestyle focused but with a twist.


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