Out Of Zuffenhausen

Travel - 21 March 2017

A gemsbok—or oryx, the national animal of Namibia—suddenly bounds across the road. It turns its head with an inquisitive look and disappears just as quickly behind an enormous rock formation. The evening sun lends the stone a golden glow, and the wind plays with a...

Namibia Porsche

Winter’s Coolest Trends

Style - 7 March 2017

Lace, stripes, 70s bohemia and various shades of reds dominate the AW17 storyboard. woman with drive has broken down the trends to help you curate your winter wardrobe to stay one glamorous step ahead.     Lace   The rise of the lace dress is...

fashion runway

Jet Set Gorgeous

Travel - 28 February 2017

Living in a beautiful country like Australia is fantastic; having to jump on a long haul flight for an international business meeting and looking fresh stepping off the plane, during the meeting and for a client dinner all within a 24 to 48 hour span...