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Notes From Napoleon Perdis On Spring/Summer 2015 Makeup Trends

Napoleon Perdis Talks About Spring/Summer 2015 Makeup Trends

Napoleon Perdis is the makeup king who has built an empire that others dream of conquering. The 45-year-old makeup artist who lives by the mantra, “Not to prime is a crime”, has built a global brand with celebrity A-list followers and is about to relocate to Australia after an 11-year stint in Los Angeles with his wife and four daughters.

In 1995, Napoleon opened his first store in Sydney and has since expanded to Myer stores around the country. He has also been stocked at the renowned Bergdorf Goodman flagship outlet in the United States and now sells into the Middle East. He defies runway makeup trends to create his own colour palette for everyday looks that work across all age groups, from women in their 20’s to those in their 60’s and beyond.

Let it be known that Napoleon is not one to toe the line. He bends the rules to suit himself and rewrites makeup application verses to fit his own work ethos. His code of conduct resonates with his many followers. According to Napoleon, women should always cleanse, tone and prime their skin, and then apply eye makeup and mascara to frame their face before taking the next steps.

“Trends are so complicated because every fashion house has its own look,” he said. And he is right. The Spring & Summer 2015 (SS15) runway looks from New York are evidence of this.

Marc Jacobs opted for no makeup with Francois Nars for SS15. Yves Saint Laurent was all about fine cat eyeliner and translucent makeup finishes while Louis Vuitton amped up their message with models in Twiggy eyes, spidery lashes and matte 60’s makeup. These are trends we will see this summer in Australia with an added bronzed summer glow.



Napoleon said that this spring and summer trends will see matte satin-based foundations being applied on facial key points, and more nude and earthy tones during the warmer months. Bright lipsticks – think red, orange and Bordeaux – will remain at the forefront during summery days.

“Bronze and blush are big,” he said. “You can make a statement with it and it gives you a healthy feel.” Napoleon added that all women, regardless of age, are able to wear any shade of eye shadow they feel comfortable wearing. But he does have a word of advice.

“The big focus for me is on cleansing and makeup removal. You can tell which women have cleansed correctly as they look younger than those who have not maintained this routine.”

Napoleon Perdis Talks About The Importance Of Priming

If you prefer to keep your summer look minimal, Napoleon suggested opting for no makeup but still priming your skin with a base that includes an SPF protector.

“I do not think in terms of age. Women who are 50 today are yesterday’s 20-year-olds. There are no boundaries. If you are 50 you can do whatever you want. I do not think in terms of age, skin colour or nationality. I think in terms of a woman being beautiful. That is what my makeup is about.”

“I am surrounded by strong powerful women – not just my wife and my daughters, but all my muses and women friends who balance high-powered jobs with families and a value system,” concluded Napoleon, whose close friends include Colette Garnsey, the executive director of The Just Group, and Karin Upton Baker, the managing director of Hermes Australia.


Pointers From Napoleon’s Rule Book

  • Apply mascara first and last
  • Prime your lips for a longer lasting lipstick finish. This also adds to the luxurious tone of your lip colour.
  • Apply Napoleon Perdis’ China Doll Gel eyeliner for a smudge proof finish
  • Bright orange, red and Bordeaux lipstick shades are big for summer
  • Use nude and earthy tones for the face
  • Opt for matte and satin-based foundations this season
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