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The New Boxster

When you imagine a car designer, you probably see someone sitting at a big Computer Aided Design screen working on 3D graphics which make grid patterned cars spin around. But for Michael Mauer, the Chief Designer at Porsche, the reality is quite different. He prefers traditional full-scale clay models and this is the way the new Boxster was designed.

Mauer believes that human touch is a vital part of design and so working with clay was necessary to create the best proportions for the Boxster. The result is a really gorgeous roadster that is quite different to its predecessors.

Complements my curves

Chief Designer Mauer has certainly created a car that complements my curves. When I bought my first Boxster in 2001, the salesman told me the Boxster had the second best rear end he had ever seen – the first was his wife’s. It was cheesy – but I was sold. There’s no point describing the Boxster’s new body – just use your eyes.

Time to go topless? Nine seconds.

I love press button anything – it’s so Judy Jetson. The Boxster goes that extra step and not only allows me to open and close the roof from inside the car, but also remotely from my key. I can even open and close while travelling up to 50km an hour.

Colour my world

When you tell a women you have a new car, one of the first questions we ask is “ what colour is it?”.  It’s one of the most important and most fun parts of the buying process and the Boxster has some amazing new hues such as Cognac (a cappuccino colour) Anthracite (a gorgeous purple tinted dark brown) and the Lime Gold Metallic (light gold colour).

Prices start at $107,000 (not including statutory and dealer charges), so maybe you might like more than one to match various outfits. Just make sure you’re practical and select one in basic black.


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