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Nailed It

Gone are the days of just a simple French manicure, now just like a great dress or pair of shoes, your nails can make a statement.  We spoke to Melbourne-based nail artists Trophy Wife Nail Art to find out what the biggest trends were for last year and what to expect in 2014.


What was the most popular colour in 2013?


Definitely pastels, mint was probably number one.


What is your 2014 trend prediction?


Probably metallic, in particular 90s metallic.  I think we will be seeing brighter colours inspired by the 80s and 90s.  Far more glamour and exaggerated oval shapes, probably even more fake nails like Lana Del Rey.


What were the most popular patterns in 2013?


Geometric – 3 colours being blocked on nails.  Also chevrons and half-moon shapes.


What would you like to do more of in 2014?


I’d like people to start using more artwork as a reference for their nail designs.  For example, more abstract art, or even things that they are passionate about.  I like the idea of wearing your thoughts and feelings on your nails, it’s a way to express yourself.


What about wording on nails?


We don’t get many requests for words.  But it’s a good way to protest with your nails, nails are like the expression of a tattoo but not as permanent.  Just like fashion, it reflects how you are feeling.  But it’s a temporary expression.


What were the most interesting projects for 2013?


We worked at the NGV and were asked to paint Roy Lichtenstein inspired nails, that was lots of fun.  Also our collaboration with Melbourne nail polish brand Kester Black, it was very exciting to be a part of a brand we love!


And, what would you not like to see in 2014?


No more shatter nail polish please.


Finally, top 5 tips to maintain a manicure?


1.  Before you get a manicure, make sure you file your nails properly so they are all even and push your cuticles back.

2.  Reapply top coat every two or three days, and make sure to cap the edge.

3.  If you do get a chip, try and buff it to make it flat and then add more top coat.

4.  Where gloves when washing dishes.  Or better still, just get other people to do it for you.

5.  Use Seshe Vite top coat, it dries in 10 minutes and it’s amazing.  It’s what we use on all our clients.


One last tip, you don’t have to wait for your nail polish to dry before you put the top coat on – just put it on quickly and press lightly.


Trophy Wife Nail Art is known for its fun, quirky and creative designs, reflecting Melbourne’s eccentric style.  After being laughed at by nail technicians for requesting her nails be painted in 10 different colours, Chelsea Bagan was inspired to create her own brand.


She started by experimenting at home on her own nails with simple nail kits bought off the internet.  Now, Chelsea has her own studio in Richmond, VIC, and will also happily travel to workplaces, events or even photoshoots.


Visit: for more information.

Photo credit: Heather Lighton

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