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Six Nail Polishes To Flaunt In Spring

Nail Polish

It is almost time to pull our hands out of coat pockets and slip on those open-toed sandals. That also means adding a touch of colour to our pale winter skin as it starts warming up again and the most pleasurable way to do that is with a little bottle of nail polish.

This spring, bright tones are making way for pastel hues in a sugary-sweet palette of rose, powder blue, coral and mauve. And so, woman with drive has picked six luxury nail polishes in soft, feminine shades that will bring lightness and playfulness to your every touch and step.


Gucci High Gloss Lacquer

Your top class manicure experience begins from the moment the initial creamy coat glides on that first nail. Gucci’s specially designed triangular-bristle brush enables smooth, even coverage with each stroke to leave behind a beautiful blend of gloss and shimmer. The second coat draws out the colour’s intensity and holds on to it for almost a week.

Nail It In: Metallic Sand, Sunburst, Rosette and Spring Rose


Dior Vernis

Christian Dior has hit the nail on the head with its couture colour range of polishes. The gel effect gives this new-generation formula longer lasting power and your nails, an incredible shine. Follow the application guide closely and your nails will be a talking point for an entire week.

Nail It In: Muguet, Tra-La-La, Ruban and Rose


Christian Louboutin Nail Lacquer

Christian Louboutin bottled what is reputed to be one of the smoothest nail polishes out there into a glass faceted package and topped it off with a tall pointed cap. The brush is custom-designed to pick up just the right amount of liquid so just a light dip into the rich lacquer is enough to create flawless results. A single layer is gorgeous on its own while a double layer simply increases the shine and opaqueness.

Nail It In: Tres Decolette and La Favorita


Dolce & Gabbana Nail Lacquer

If it is gloss you want, then it is ultra-gloss you get with Dolce & Gabbana’s perfectly formulated lacquer. The polish hits the right balance of consistency and includes an ingredient similar to gel polishes for long-lasting colour. The rounded brush makes the dreaded streaks almost impossible, even for beginners, and the shorter wand prevents messy dripping.

Nail It In: Petal, Rosebud, Bella, Lilac Rose, Aqua and Mint


Givenchy Le Vernis

Wearing Givenchy’s nail polish is akin to playing dress up for your nails. The immensely glossy shades add pizzazz to any occasion or time of day without looking one bit out of place. The custom-designed brush enables a one-stroke application to each nail, which leaves behind a mirror-like shine that could easily be mistaken for a gel manicure. One coat is enough to work its magic.

Nail It In: Beige Mousseline and Rose Tafettas


YvesSaintLaurent La Laque Couture

YSL’s bestseller polish is designed to be every busy woman’s best friend. One layer miraculously has the effect of two and its opaqueness is on point. While its longevity does not quite last the whole week, its easy application and fast drying more than makes up for it. As a bonus, the formula contains Chil Rose Oil to strengthen, moisturise and protect nails from unsightly chipping and cracking.

Nail It In: Rose Romantique, Beige Leger and Rose Abstrait


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