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Mother and Daughter Holidays

Mothers and daughters have a unique bond, but this bond will either strengthen or go horribly downhill when on holiday together.  To avoid the latter, we have compiled an ultimate checklist for the next time your travel.


1.  Have a mutual agreement

Select the destination and accommodation together – mutual agreement will avoid either the blame game, or any passive aggression, if something goes wrong.


2.  Try something new

Select activities you both like to do but also be willing to try something new.  Some days it will be mum’s choice and some it will be daughter’s.  This may just give you the perfect opportunity to widen your skill set.


3.  Agree on alone time

Agree on some alone time each day.  When traveling in a pair the time you spend together can become very grating, so ensure you have some time away from each other.  Don’t take this as a sign you don’t get along – everyone needs their own space.


4.  Talk money

Have the money talk before you travel.  Who will pay for what?  Depending on your daughter’s age or circumstances, she may not have surplus savings, so try to be accommodating but don’t give her a completely free ride!


5.  Agree on technology-free time

Agree on technology boundaries while you’re away.  Nobody wants to sit at a dinner table trying to encourage conversation while the other person is fixated by their mobile phone. Be considerate of one another and have some technology-free time.


6.  Have a photo code

This is an opportunity to get lots of happy snaps of the two of you together.  But make sure both mother and daughter have the unconditional right to press the delete button if necessary.  This rule also applies to publishing on any form of social media.  All posting should get the ‘ok’ from both mum and daughter before it goes on show to the public.


7.  Forget the family

Try not to talk about family or home.  Obviously this is the one topic that deeply binds you, but use your time away to try and get to know each other better and explore new topics and pinions.


8.  How do I look?

The answer is always “beautiful”.


9.  Make a playlist

Put together a playlist of your favourite songs and play them while you’re away.  This will be another fun exercise to do together.


10.  Do it all again!

If you follow all these tips you are guaranteed to have a successful time away.  So start to plan your next trip together before the journey home.


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